Brian Alfaro, President of Alfaro Energy, one of the largest and leading Oil and Gas Producers in TX, aims to be one of the top 20 Oil producing companies in the United States. The ambitious big entrepreneur is also the president and Owner of Primera Energy having extensive presence in the Barnett shale and Eagle Ford Shale in TX. The group is committed to provide best financial return to its partners keeping the fracking system environmentally friendly.

Brian Alfaro holds a BA degree with specialization in English and Communication, completed from Texas Tech University. He is also supported with a Master Degree in Communications. Incepted in 2006, Alfaro Oil and Gas by Brian employs high standard and technology in oil fields that makes its investing partners confident. The prolonged experience of Brian in this industry and his association with some top communities including Alpine Exploration Inc, Walter Oil & Gas Corporation, Southern Bay Energy or Sun-coast Technical Services has made him one of the most prominent personalities in Oil and Gas Industries.

Once, Brian Alfaro was very much involved in community support especially for National MS Society, San Antonio, TX prior to becoming the president of Alfaro. Apart from being a top professional he is passionate to support community and is identified for his philanthropic activities.

Brian States the Newest Techniques of Oil Extraction

The knowledgeable man Brian explains that, following reaching the level of oil belt, procuring it out of the oil bearing rocks, backed by latest mechanisms and techniques help lessen cost of lifting and producing oil as well as natural gas. Out of different procedures instituted in his oil fields, the preferred one is horizontal drilling process. By this drilling process, long pipes can be well placed into the shale or sand level. Subsequently, oil or gas, out of the sand or shale, enters into the pipe which can be extracted easily. This type of fracking process is highly protected and safe to community people.

For professionals who have management skills and are working for different companies in top positions, Brain communicates them that management is basically an art of managing things which is a continuing process. According to Brian Alfaro that managers who feel that they know everything of management are simply wrong. To become an effective manager the most important thing is continuous development of personality and skills which is never ending in today’s world.

Brian’s company Primera Energy is equipped with foolproof technologies and the company follows latest techniques and tools including drive rigs, multi-stage fracking with hottest tools, horizontal drilling, which are proved most effective procedures for drilling shale. The company aims to bring

  • Financialsuccess to their partners, who are investors,
  • Long lasting healthy relationships with partners
  •   Healthy environment for employees
  • Love for work
  • Protection of Ecology

Brian Alfaro has in depth knowledge on subjects like Oil field, Oil and Gas, Pipelines, Offshore and onshore drilling, Minerals, Geology, Petroleum Engineering, Joint Venture, Retail Business and Seismology.