Normally guns safes are important for those who have fire arms, snipers and larger guns to protect their ammunition from all threats. Threats could be in any form such as fire, water, burglar and children. 

Gun safes helps you contain your ammunition inside of a container, which is not only keep your ammunition out of the reach of children or unauthorized people. It will also helps you to secure it from burglar, fire, dust, damages and more in other ways.

In past few years, the number of users of the fire arms have increased, so which makes the number of customers and clients have increased as well. To fulfill the needs of every customer and clients many manufacturer are working hard to give their best well equipped products in the market. Let me mention few best reputed gun safe manufacturer.

Cannon Safe Shield Series SH5526 24-Gun Safe

Cannon Gun Safe:

Have you every heard of best cannon gun safe before? If no then cannon gun safe is one of the oldest gun safe manufacturer in the business today. Cannon gun safe has won several consumers trust by providing reliable services with absolute better policy.

Cannon gun safe products are based on the needs and threats mostly consumers face. The company cannon gun safe has huge records of feedback collected from each consumer after a certain period putting them in a good use.

All of their products are made from high end rich metals to double the protection, the durability has increased to avoid drilling protection or hard drilling. For forty years the manufacturer stood up to each and every consumer expectations without any compromise in quality.

With increase rate of burglary, theft and fire the company has keep up with the latest technology to double the the protection of the fire arms and ammunition.

Cannon Safe Shield Series SH5526 24-Gun Safe:

Cannon gun safe a series of different models for different requirements. What we are going to review today is one of the key player of shield series. Cannon SH5526 24-Gun Safe is made from hard rich steel to strengthen the protection of the gun safe. There are plenty of features available on cannon shield.

  • Price of the Cannon SH5526 24-Gun Safe is around $599 to $699. The price is not expensive, when Cannon SH5526 24-Gun Safe is compared to other manufacturer where there starting price is around $1000.
  • The construction of the gun safe quite reliable and it is good. It can handle heavy hits easily.
  • The storage matters, not every has 3 to 5 fire arms. Cannon SH5526 24-Gun Safe has 24 fir arm capacity. You can make even more space for other larger guns. You can move the shelves to add additional things like ammunition in the additional storage.
  • To make it even more stronger, the manufacturer used hammertone steel paint.
  • The cannon gun safe has 4 strong locking bolts with 1.1 inches thick bolts.
  • The cannon gun safe can withstand over 1000 degree heat for 40 to 45 minutes.
  • Cannon has provided some tools to adjust the shelves and other parts inside of the guns safe to get more space for other ammunition.
  • The door was made in a way it can expand.
  • The door can store up to 12 fir arm or rifles.
  • $599 cannon gun safe integrated with electronic lock, which requires 9 volts battery you have purchase it separately.
  • Everyone want their gun safe not only protect them but also look good every time they open it to store and place, so the interior is completely taken care of.3
  • Organizing the whole door will be difficult so the cannon comes with a door kit to organize it.


The Cannon SH5526 24-Gun Safe is priced between $599 to $69, which makes it most affordable gun safe. It has very good features and specs. Make sure read all terms and condition before purchasing.