Smart Travel: Making Sure You Obey Local Law While On Vacation

A vacation to a country or city you’ve never seen before can be a thrilling experience. However, all places have their own local laws, some of which may be drastically different from what you’re used to. If you’re not aware of them, you could find yourself in trouble with the local police, and possible spend the remainder of your trip in jail. (Talk about a great way to spoil an otherwise good vacation!) If you want to avoid this, take these steps to make sure you obey local laws while on vacation.

Do Your Homework

Before you depart on your trip, take some time to research your destination’s laws. The Internet is a great source for this purpose as you can often find information on the local government’s website. Depending on your plans, be sure to check specific laws for things like alcohol consumption, curfews and bringing pets. In some places, the legal drinking age is 18, but in most, it’s 21. Plus, there may be certain limits on where you can buy alcohol, how much and where you can drink it. Curfews are an issue in some locations for people under a certain age. Furthermore, bringing your pet along on an international vacation may be forbidden or heavily regulated.

Ask Local Authorities

If you’re traveling abroad for vacation, it’s especially important to be aware of the laws. To learn more, consider calling your nation’s embassy in the destination country. They’ll often be able to provide you with thorough information on which laws are the most easily violated, as well as any other tips you need to know. If you’re sticking to your home country but are visiting another city, contact the area’s police headquarters. Tell them you’re planning a vacation there, but you’re unfamiliar with the local laws. They’ll gladly let you know what you should avoid to stay out of trouble.

Smart Travel: Making Sure You Obey Local Law While On Vacation

Beware of Social Taboos

Not all social taboos are against the law, but violating them can still make for some awkward moments and potentially cause outrage. Remember, what’s socially acceptable in your country isn’t necessarily acceptable in another. Be sure to read up on your destination’s social taboos and take the proper steps to avoid them. Also remember to remember that you are a visitor on foreign soil. Remember the adage, “When in Rome. Do as the Romans?” It applies here.

Contact A Lawyer

In the unlikely event that you do find yourself afoul of local law, it can be a sticky situation. You’re a long way from home with few possessions and you’re now stuck in a strange place. If this happens to you, it’s essential to obtain representation from a skilled law office, such as Salcido Law Firm.

Being in legal trouble while you’re supposed to be on vacation is never a fun experience. It can be humiliation, frustrating and even frightening. Additionally, you’ll feel terrible spending a lot of money on a vacation that ended up with you behind bars. If you find yourself in a bind on your trip, a good lawyer is your best defense.