Romantic Get-Away Ideas For This Valentine’s Day

British citizens spent an estimated £978 million on their partners in preparation for Valentine’s Day last year, despite the pressures caused by widespread austerity and recession. This figure is expected to rise further in 2014, as the UK continues its economic growth and benefits from inflated consumer spending.

The average spend for men is expected to tip £40 this year, while British women are expected to invest £25 per head. This could push the cumulative spend beyond £1 billion nationwide, with consumers increasingly keen to spend their hard-earned money on personalised gifts and luxury weekend excursions.

3 Valentines Trips to Savour for 2014

With the latter point in mind, which domestic locations are capable of delivering a Valentine’s Day to remember? Consider the following destinations: –

Cornwall in Devon, Southeast England

The south-coast resort of Cornwall is particularly beguiling, both in terms of its landscape and proximity to the neighbouring regions of Devon and Somerset. From the picturesque town of Penzance to acres of breath-taking coastline, Cornwall provides the ideal romantic escape for couples with a love of the great outdoors. Another key benefit of Cornwall is that it creates the illusion of space, intimacy and tranquillity for visitors, with secluded, self-catering cottages available for rent from respected companies such as So although the idea of a beach get-away may not immediately spring to mind during the relatively cold depths of February, the romantic and relaxing nature of Cornwall makes it an excellent Valentine’s Day location.

Romantic Get-Away Ideas For This Valentine’s Day

The Lake District in Cumbria, Northeast England

On a similar note, Cumbria in the North of England represents something of a gem in the romantic traveller’s crown. This is largely due to the presence of the Lake District, which is an intricate and picturesque network of tarns and waterways that wind throughout a vast geographical area. The area is legendary for its serenity and the level of intimacy that it offers to couples, with quaint village towns such as Keswick, Derwentwater and Windermere home to numerous attractions and alternative accommodation options. The region is also extremely accessible either by car or public transport, while visitors can also bask in the tranquil magnificence of a Windermere Lake Cruise across the breadth of the entire district.

London in the South of England

Each individual’s idea of romance is different, and those with a more active and vibrant interpretation may prefer to visit the metropolitan capital of London. This enables couples to enjoy a more diverse and enriched experience, as they can access both historic landmarks and natural wonders while also enjoying the bustling city nightlife. So whether you want to visit the magnificent Hyde Park, shop for unusual and unique gifts at the world famous market or visit the renowned Finchley Park Cinema, London remains a hub of opportunity and romantic adventure. While a trip to London may cost a little more than travelling outside of the capital, younger couples may well acquire more value for their money if they head from the bright city lights.

If you are looking to secure a last-minute get-away this Valentine’s Day, these locations all offer rich and diverse opportunity. Your challenge will be to locate an excursion that fits your budgetary constraints, without compromising the demands of you and your partner.