How You Can Easily Transform Your Home

Hotels are not homes, but they are full of luxurious design ideas that you could bring into your favourite spaces, on budget, and in your own style. Here’s some tips to get you started.

Items To Invest Money In

Sometimes you really do get what you pay for, and if you want to give your home a touch of luxury, and have a look that lasts, spending money in the right places will reap rewards. Curtains are something you should definitely invest in, as poor quality materials and linings provide little shielding from outside light.

Many top retailers offer made to measure services for curtains and blinds, with a wide choice of fabrics and styles, and you can also pick up/order curtain poles to suit the style of your room.

Bedrooms are another easy place for interior designers to add a touch of luxury. You’re probably tired of hearing the words ‘Egyptian Cotton’ quoted at you, but high thread count cotton sheets are a touch of luxury you can’t afford to miss. Invest in a good quality duvet and a throw, and add co-ordinating cushions for a perfect finishing touch.

Re-vamping The Kitchen

Well-built kitchens can last a long time, and are perhaps lower on the list of DIY projects because of this, but however much they last, and however much you like them, they can date. There comes a time when wear and tear is an issue and everything just looks tired. But there are simple, and more cost effective ways of updating your kitchen, that don’t mean a complete replacement.

Options include tile paint and grout whitener to refresh your tiles – a clean, modern look will make the world of difference. If you’re going to replace anything, why not indulge in a new cooker hood, and make a statement of your main splashback – glass art, subtle acrylic shades, or a bold yet classy statement colour, all will freshen up the space. In a lot of cases it’s also possible to keep your existing units and replace the doors and fronts with a different colour or finish.

Accessories In The Hallway

Hotels add a lot of value with their details and finishing touches, and there are some touches that can fit into your home in the right way, to add a luxurious and homely feel. The hallway is often the first space you or your guests will see when they visit so why not make an impact. Add in a hall table and finish with a vase of flowers or a favourite ornament, perhaps even a stylish mirror behind to accentuate the space.

Smart Storage

Clutter is one sure fire way to replicate a dumping ground, re-live messy student days, or show a lack of concern over all your ‘stuff’. Choosing the right type of storage for your needs might mean floor to ceiling shelves in the living room, narrow yet tall storage units in the bathroom, or wardrobes with customisable internal storage options in the bedroom – it’s surprising how many options are out there which are ideal for extra clothes, shoes, and bags.

When it comes to interiors, it’s all in the detail, so whether you feel a new shower curtain in an on-trend pattern is needed, or a more modern table and dinner service will best update the kitchen, there are plenty of projects of all shapes and DIY sizes that will help you to replicate some of your favourite luxury ideas, you just need to decide where to start.

Chloe Cotton is editor-in-chief at The Happiest Homes, a leading UK digital home magazine.