It is true that most of the content writers, would have already mastered the use of the English language, writing unique and original content, and writing engaging content. However, there are few more secret techniques, which can be applied to improve your content writing, for ultimately coming up with a killer content.

Master paraphrasing: Research plays a vital role in content writing, and your articles should have only accurate content, which are proven facts. When you are researching and writing, there is always a huge threat of plagiarism. Do refer to multiple sources, for gathering enough information. However, paraphrase the content taken from other sources, to write sentences in your own words.

Cite References and provide in-text citations: When you are rewriting a content taken from another source, then, do not forget to acknowledge the original source. Failure to acknowledge, and saying what someone else has already said, in a way you have said, is plagiarism. When you are writing a definition in your article, then, acknowledge the author; cite reference to the book in which the definition has been taken from; and the year in which the book was published. For example, According to Philip Kotler, as published in his book (title of the book within quotes), in the (year), Marketing is (definition within quotes). Acknowledging the source increases the credibility of content writers.

Wise Use of keywords: One of the core objectives of content writing is, to get high search ranking. Henceforth, you might tend to overly load target keywords into your article. You might not pay attention to see, if the keywords within the article are placed appropriately, without content quality getting affected. The technique is, not to use keywords more than 2 or 3 times within the content. Also, make sure that keywords are used appropriately in a sentence, in a meaningful manner.

Try using concise sentences, preferably in active voice: Not all readers have the patience to read every word in your article. In fact, most of them only skim through the content. Using concise sentences, and highlighting important points using bullets, increase the readability of your article. Also, using active voice in your sentences, can convey the message in an effective manner. Because, active voice makes a sentence simpler and more effective, by stressing more on action. Passive voice can complicate a sentence, ultimately making it vague.

Do not think long articles can provide room for more information: Many a times, a 1000 word article, might have only the stuff, which can be easily told in 100 words, by using clear and concise sentences. And, most of the readers, like to read a short article, which clearly and concisely articulates the information, rather than reading a long article, which is being filled with unnecessary words.

Let your article be interactive: Do provide plenty of information in your article. At the same time, write content in such a way, it offers plenty of scope to the reader, to interpret about the subject matter. In the concluding paragraph, try asking a question to the reader, for promoting in-depth thinking about the subject matter. Such articles ought to have long lasting impression.

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