Website is the public face of our company and we should pay enough attention to it. When it comes to designing our website, there are a number of things that we should know. Low-cost or free solutions may not be able to provide the best solutions, but we are still be able to obtain reasonable results from them. There are many free solutions available for us and the most popular is simply to choose a theme on top of WordPress CMS. Building things from scratch, especially with Flash or simple HTML code is really outdated. Great designs can be obtained with little costs. To get the best WordPress themes, we may choose the best theme design for the month. This works really well when we want to design our website quickly.

WordPress is also known for its SEO-friendly structure and by choosing the right theme, we should be able to get good results. Because there are so many themes available, we are not at the mercy of these theme developers. If we encounter a problem with the theme, it is always possible to choose a new theme. Because the theme is installed on our server, we don’t have to be afraid that it will suddenly be gone. WordPress themes also prevent us to be at the mercy of restricting terms and conditions. It is important to make sure that our website solution isn’t too restrictive and WordPress themes can really help us in the long run. With free solutions, it is not possible for developers to change terms, because there is no obligation related to any free solution.

We should know that free solutions can actually cause extra problems. As an example, getting our domain hosted on can use plenty of issues. As an example, we are not be able to deliver complete commercial solutions using as the primary hosting solution. Instead, it is better if our WordPress installation is placed on our own server. This will give us full flexibility on what kind of content that we want to publish. If we break the terms and conditions, may remove our website completely. With a separate server, we can also install more plugins, including those related to SEO. It means that we should be able to improve SEO performance and we will be able to gain more traffic. should be an area where we can test our website solution and it shouldn’t be a long-term condition. In fact, we may find ourselves a prisoner with lifetime sentence, if we insist on using as a primary platform. We may also test any kind of plugin that can be used on the website. This is an essential matter if we want to get full flexibility and freedom with WordPress. It is clear that we should pay specific amount of money if we want to get proper solutions. With WordPress themes, we won’t get obsolete and broken web designs, especially if we choose those that are highly rated by professional web designers and users.