We often hear “it’s really difficult to understand a woman”, the adage is mostly used by husbands and boyfriends. We have always fought with men for passing such mean statements as we only focus on winning the arguments howsoever possible. But deep inside we all know that the saying is true and is even accepted by the women themselves. Today, even I completely agree with the statement as sometimes I don’t understand myself too, and stay confused and baffled in many situations.

I feel at times that we are very simple creatures and not complicated at all, it just that men don’t understand us well, so blame it on us for being confused all the times. We just like to look pretty, even if we are not well, YES, even then.

Yesterday only I had to go out for a casual dinner party and I tried almost each and everything from my closet and the situation was I had no latest women dresses to wear. I even tried taking some help from my husband and asked him for the perfect attire, and while he was helping me out or I would say trying to help me out unwillingly, he took out five dresses for me which he found perfect for the occasion, but were those, really? No… Not at all!!! I don’t understand how could he find the ugliest and most outdated women dresses for me, the dresses were completely out of fashion, I got them months ago and I had already worn them twice.

Who are we?  Women.

What do we want? We don’t know.

When do we want that? Now.

In simple words, I would say “my wardrobe was flowing out but still I had nothing to wear”, the most common problem faced by almost every woman. After analysing the problem and without annoying my husband more, I managed to wear something good. Trust me!!! It was only good, it was not up to the mark as what I desired was entirely different and then I used my fashion sense, decked the attire nicely with my elegant clutch, high heels, smokey eyes and my favorite lip gloss and went for the dinner. No matter what I always know how to spark up the old dress of mine in cases of emergency.

By the end of dinner, I was convinced that I really need to check out online shopping websites to buy something trendy and fashionable. I desperately need to update my closet with some latest dresses design collection. The chic tops for girls are calling me out and I want to get clothed in the same.

Fashion is something which is dynamic and versatile. Its really difficult to make any universal statement regarding fashion and being fashionable always relate to our choices, attitudes, trends and a desire to be distinctive from others. We always tend to create a unique style statement which makes us stand apart in the crowd.

For me latest fashion and forever fashions is my tee-shirt and pyjamas. I really wonder it would be awesome if I can wear the same everywhere. But the most comfortable choice is not a part of latest trends every time. Anyhow, I am done with that dinner party, but my quest to buy some latest dress designs is still incomplete, in fact, it is soaring high with the passing time.

While going to sleep, I was checking my phone usually for the reminders and any upcoming events and what I saw was incredible, an opportunity to buy these appealing latest dresses. A week after is my friend’s wedding in Delhi. One of my most special friends from my college and it is a bit obvious that I got to look ravishing in some latest dress designs prevailing in the town.

Wedding means so many occasions, which results in the requirement of a number of latest dresses, asking for more shopping which means a complete headache.

For assistance, I asked my younger sister to accompany me for shopping; she was very excited as she too wanted to buy some latest dresses for her. Now the question arises what to buy for the perfect occasion?

The scorching heat of the sun does not even let the shopaholics go out and explore the markets. And then my sister clicked the idea of online shopping and saved both of us from stepping out.

For the purpose, we explored through various online shopping sites and an immense variety of clothes. While exploring the variety, what we saw was completely mesmerising. The trendy and the latest dress designs made me fall for every single item I saw. The cool uber chic styles made me forgot about the wedding (as I said we remain confused about our requirements) and I started looking for the casual latest dress designs which I could use wherever I want, from the casual day outs to weekend lounges, from official weekdays to evening barbecues.

Almost, all kinds of latest dresses and tops for girls with latest dress designs are available on the internet. Like I said earlier my favourite fashionable and easy to carry costume is my T-shirt and pyjamas. So the very first thing that drew my attention was a stylish sleek tank top with a solid colored palazzo which was perfectly suiting the current weather.

Summers are the time to show some skin. It’s the best time when we can try something sensuous as well as classy. During summers only, we get the opportunity to try short dresses, backless styles, midriffs show offs, off-shoulder dresses and tops for girls, shorts, minis, skirts, crop tops, tanks, camisoles and much more. So apart from the tank top and palazzo, I found some other latest dress designs on the internet which would suit various occasions like:-

  • Casual meetings
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Office wear (formal)
  • Parties
  • Special meetings (evening date)

Latest Dresses for Parties and Special Meetings:-

I noticed that for parties and all such special occasions, a Little Black Dress is a must have. The LBD has its own grace which could be used for any event at night time, even that dinner party for which I could not find the perfect attire, I wish I could have this at that time, I am sure would have received a number of compliments and appreciations at the event.


Latest Dress Designs for the Casual Looks:-

Nowadays floral prints, blocks, checks, digital prints, abstract designs and bright summery prints are gaining attention across the globe. The true concept of floral prints merged with femininity are no doubt unbeatable and worth having. Backless, strapless, cut-outs are added styles for summer to make the look more stylish and glamorous. Frills, bows, off-shoulders, button downs tend to enhance the style quotient. So various dresses in floral designs and creative patterns could be used up for the casual looks, like hanging out with friends, going out for a movie, a Sunday brunch etc.


Latest Tops for Girls:-

A wide range of tops for girls is available online to suit various occasions and can be paired with any kind of bottom whether it is jeans, palazzos, skirts, shorts, or dungarees for a finished ensemble.

The various styles of tops along with basic tops are peplum, cowl, tanks, camisoles which are proving to be the highlights in the fashion industry. Crop tops are appropriate tops to show off the midriff section which is one of the trendy styles of today.

Off-shoulder and cold shoulder trends among tops for girls are the next latest dress design which is the elegant way of showing off the skin for every age group. (A fashion of the 80’s.)


For me, no matter what kind of latest dresses or latest dress designs appear online, these suit perfectly only when they are comfortable on a silhouette and for this two things are important:-

  1. Fabric

While choosing your summer attire, fabric plays an important role to keep you cool. Linen, pure cotton, khaddar are the summer fabrics which are suitable for the hot weather and a few pieces in Rayon and Silk can also be considered.

While choosing the fabric, the two qualities should be considered

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable

Hold the fabric in your hands: if it’s airy and light, it will be comfortable. Anything too heavy will likely make you sweat and uncomfortable in the heat.

  1. Accessories

Accessories contribute immensely to our style in today’s highly fashionable world. They are essential to complete a look.  A belt on a short dress, a studded necklace, and shining earrings add spark to the attire we adorn.  A matching pair of sunglasses and a classy handbag uplifts the overall look. Needless to say, a great pair of sandals, heels or shoes, matching or contrast sets a defining stage in this intensive fashion arena.

As for shoes, sandals or canvas shoes are in. Flip flops are best for this season. You can also enhance your look with a bright umbrella.

Overall, the latest dress designs and tops for girls are changing the fashion trends, today, and undoubtedly these would keep on changing. But our closets should not stay away from them, as it is our fundamental right to be fashionable as per the latest trends. So ladies what you are waiting for… Don’t wait for the opportunity to shop like me, get your latest dresses today and don them up for your current events and dazzle the show.