There are things that we can do to make our website looks simpler. As an example, we may avoid using multiple scrolling banner. It may seem like a good idea, but it can be overused. It’s easy to overwhelm users with multiple scrolling banners on our website. We should use only one scrolling banner or just one. It’s important to get our message across without being overly too aggressive. Lengthy forms could also discourage people. When we are offering subscription or products, we should avoid using long forms. Some websites only ask for email and passwords to create a new account. It is also common to integrate account with social networks. People would only need to click the blue Facebook button and the registration process can be completed with a few clicks.

If we want to use normal forms, we should use only important information and it’s essential to avoid asking everything at once. People will subscribe and buy our products if we keep things simple. Pop-up ads should also be removed from our website. Many popular websites still use a small pop-reminder and it can actually ruin the overall experience. We shouldn’t aggravate or annoy users. A simple pop-up to remind users to create an account can be used if people have visited our website for more than a few times. They would be less annoyed and more willing to follow our suggestions. Pop-ups are effective and not annoying only if people fin hat our website is very interesting.

It is important to minimize external linking and only in some instances that external linking is warranted. External linking should be used conservatively and only when necessary. We should be aware that once people click an external link, they will leave our website. Instead of using  external link, we should consider putting the content inside our website. Our website could also become more complicated when we use improper SEO methods. In general, SEO is quite easy and it’s important that we should stuff in fewer keywords. Improper SEO techniques could make our website to feel rather cluttered. This could happen if we put so much extra text. Bad SEO implementation could also cause our website to get sandboxed.

Getting out of sandbox status can be quite difficult and expensive. In any case, we shouldn’t use keyword stuffing and it’s important to avoid any kind of manipulative tactics. It is also important to avoid users with unidentified downloads. File downloading is a way to disseminate information. Forcing the web browser to download a file is actually a bad practice. Users could also be concerned that our website is distributing malware-loaded files. It is important to be polite with users and tell them what we want to do. Any kind of download should be described carefully and we should know what’s purpose. Problems may also happen if we distribute incompatible files and older computers may not be able to support our files. We should avoid this situation.