When Might You Need A Family Law Solicitor?

You never know what life might throw at you. There are many circumstances in which you might need the services of a family law solicitor. Here are just five.

Life can be unpredictable sometimes, and at one stage or another we all find ourselves dealing with issues such as divorce and bereavement. Times such as these can be extremely tough, bringing much stress and upset.

Aside from the emotional turmoil, though, these events can leave a legal fallout in their wake which adds to the burden. Inheritance and the division of assets are just two such issues which are difficult to negotiate. Should you find yourself in a situation like this, you will find that a family law solicitor can lighten your load significantly. A professional can take care of the complicated legal side of the event, leaving you free to look after yourself and your family. Here are five occasions in which you might find the services of a family law solicitor beneficial.


There are many practical issues a divorce leaves in its wake which require negotiation. In circumstances where both parties are not capable of being civil to each other, this process can be even more complicated. A family law solicitor can help here, representing you and your rights when it comes to division of assets and custody of children.

If you owned property with your ex partner, a solicitor can ensure you come away with no less than you are entitled to. For those who have been victim to domestic abuse, a solicitor is also able to ensure that you are free to build a new life away from your abuser.

Wills in Divorced Couples

If you wrote a will prior to your divorce, it might still stand should either partner die prior to re-marriage. The potential for legal complications here are obvious, especially to any children that might be involved. A family law solicitor can ensure that a new will is drawn up, voiding the old one, and protecting your assets should the worst happen.

Co-habiting Couples Splitting

You don’t have to be married for a break up to have legal repercussions. You might be co-habiting with a partner and find that a breakup leaves you unsure of how to divide your assets. A family law solicitor will ensure that you come to a fair arrangement. It may be especially complicated to negotiate this issue if one party wishes to continue living in a co-owned property, so having expert legal advice will make this problem far easier to handle.


Though some may find prenuptials unromantic, pragmatists believe they are a sensible precaution – especially when so many marriages do, unfortunately, end in divorce. This is behind the increasing popularity of the pre-nuptial. A family law solicitor can help to draw up one of these agreements, which state the expectations that both parties have should things turn sour. This includes the way that assets will be divided and the level of support that one spouse might provide for the other.

Inheritance Disputes Among Children

It is a sad fact that the death of a parent can often lead to nasty inheritance disputes between siblings. Some cases get so messy that they are reported in the national press. It can cost a huge amount of money to negotiate such sensitive matters, and cause a lot of heartache along the way. A family law solicitor can help greatly here, negotiating the entitlement of various siblings and representing your interests should you find yourself at a disadvantage after the loss of a parent.

Esther Marshall LLB is a Senior Solicitor at Archers Law (Solicitors), a niche practice specialising in employment law , family law and Business  advice for both individuals and businesses.