When it comes to house cleaning, the bathroom is actually the one room which can be quite overwhelming to clean. It is a small room, however, it gets very dirty pretty fast, especially if you’ve kids. The bathroom tile and grout can get so dirty that all your efforts hardly seem to make any difference. That being said, there are some amazing tips you can employ to efficiently clean your bathroom.

Let’s take a look at some great bathroom cleaning tips;

1. Dust and Sweep

Generally, when cleaning a room, you need to start from the top, downwards. Clean the cobwebs in all the bathroom corners, and brush away all the dirt and dust directly onto the bathroom floor, to sweep later on. A duster will work great for this task, however, you can also use a broom. If you have got delicate wallpapers, wrap all the bristles in paper towels or toilet paper, and wet them slightly. To get rid of the dust, grab a duster which has a long handle and remove cobwebs in the corners, in the vents, and on the light fixtures. Once you are done, vacuum or sweep the bathroom floor to pick up the hair and any other debris which might have accumulated on the bathroom floor.

2. Clean the Shower

To clean the shower, you should start with the shower walls and the shower head. Spray a wall at a time, using a shower cleaner. Let the cleaner sit for a couple of minutes as per the cleaner’s instructions. You can then use a clean scrubby sponge to thoroughly scrub down the walls. Scrape any of the dried shampoo, or conditioner clumps from the walls using the sponge. In case you happen to use a bar soap, make sure you use a quality plastic scraper to properly chisel all the dried soap from the dish, and the walls surrounding that soap dish. Use a clean plastic cup to properly rinse the shower walls, and then wipe them dry using a dry rag. Go on and repeat this procedure on all of the walls til they’re all sparkly clean.

3. Tube, Tile and Grout Cleaning

When it comes to the tub, tile and grout cleaning, it’s best to run the hot water for a couple of minutes to steam up your bathroom and loosen the dirt. Thoroughly wipe down the tub, tile and grout with a clean scrub brush, and an all purpose cleaner. In case your grout is stained, you can rub in baking soda using a clean, dry grout brush, and then rinse.

4. Clean the Windows and/or Ceiling

If there is mold on your ceiling, start by spraying a disinfectant or water bleach on it, and then let it sit for a few minutes. With a clean rag or sponge, scrub all the surfaces that you have sprayed including the windows. Make sure you rinse the surfaces very carefully so as to avoid stripes, especially on the windows. Dry the surfaces with a clean sponge or rag. It is a smart idea to wear fitting rubber gloves when you are scrubbing so as to keep your hands/palms from drying out if you are using harsh products.

5. Clean the Sink and the Counter Area

Scrub all the toothpaste and soap scum off with a cleaner, thoroughly rinsing the sponge as you go along. Do not forget to properly clean your trash can, the tissue holder and such other items which normally remain in the bathroom. Cotton swabs or an old toothbrush can be very handy for getting all the junk out from in between the handles and the tap.

Never clean the counter area and the sink with the same paper towel or rag you used when cleaning the toilet; this might spread leftover disease-causing germs to the counter area and sink. Wipe off the tops and fronts of your drawers and cabinets; it is best to use some hot and soapy water for this task. If you are worried about any germs on the surfaces, you can add some bleach to your hot, soapy water. Spray the knobs, basin, faucet base, and countertop with a disinfectant, and let the solution rest for about 10 minutes, and then wipe it down with a clean sponge. Use an old toothbrush or a grout brush to thoroughly scrub around the drains and faucet base.

6. Clean the Mirror

Choose a multi-surface cleaning spray which works on glass, over the traditional glass cleaner; it is much better at cutting through the smears like toothpaste splatter and hair spray. Buff dry the mirror with a microfiber cloth. Use a cleaner, rinse it, and wipe all the excessive water off using a squeegee or towel. To add some shine to the mirror, you can add some vinegar to your cleaning water.

7. Clean the Toilet

If you normally scrub the inside your toilet on a regular basis, an all-purpose cleaner will get the job done. You can sprinkle or spray a toilet specific cleaner if build up exists, and then scrub using a toilet brush before you flush. Also, wipe the outside of the toilet with a clean cloth that has been soaked in a disinfectant cleaner; starting with the flush handle so that you don’t re-contaminate it. Use a cloth and a detergent to thoroughly clean and rinse all the exterior surfaces of your toilet bowl, including the flared base, the underside and top of the toilet seat and lid, and the hinges. Remember to use a clean cloth which is specially assigned for washing or cleaning the toilet.

8. Mop the Floor

Always do this last. Sweep or vacuum up all the dirt and hair, and then fill up a bucket with warm/hot water, and an all purpose cleaner. Use a clean mop with a microfiber side and a scrubber side; the scrubber side will clean the grout and get rid of the hard to remove gunk, while the soft side will clean and shine the tiles. When mopping the floor, start with farthest point from the bathroom door. Remember to rinse your floor with fresh, clean water in order to remove any slippery soap residue. Also, make sure you properly clean all the sides of the toilet bowl where it’s anchored to the floor; this area is usually very dirty. Do not forget to properly clean the base molds or base boards; these places normally accumulate lots of dust.