You might have heard about Labuan Bajo and Komodo Island(Komodo Dragon). They are actually the exotic destinations popular among the tourists and adventurer. However, these two locations are actually the part of bigger paradise called Flores, one of the most exotic islands in Indonesia. Flores has gained popularities as one of the world’s favorite destinations, especially in these past ten years. This article is a basic guide of travel Flores.

How to Reach Flores

The main idea is that you’ve to reach Bali first before you can take a domestic flight to Maumere, Flores. There are not so many direct international flights to Bali, you may have to land in Jakarta first.

Where to GO and What to Do

Nature is the main attraction in Flores. Once you’ve landed in Maumere, your first destination should be the Kelimutu Volcano where you can find three lakes with different colors in the summits which are well-known as “Danau Kelimutu” or Kelimutu Lakes. Then, you can head to the west by the water to reach Labuan Bajo which is one of world’s diving paradise and has premium resorts as well as clear water. Last but not least, you can visit the Komodo Island, the native habitat of rare Komodo Dragon creature. These destinations are ideally enjoyed at least in 2-3 days while you can spend more days in Labuan Bajo of course.


Destinations mentioned above are simply tourist destinations so you wouldn’t have to worry about the accommodations. The lodges and hotels are widely available in moderated price but you may find it more expensive in Labuan Bajo due to more premium stays. You need to book in advance to secure your slots in high seasons. Local people and guides are already familiar with English, so won’t get lost in Flores.

Travel Packages

If you want it more practical and avoid coordinating the details, you can take travel Flores packages. They usually already cover these destinations since they’ve been the trending ones today. Check whether they have a more extensive tour to other areas of Flores so you can get a more effective package. Bajawa could be added to your itinerary if it’s possible, it’s where you can enjoy the primitive tour wine except this isn’t the grape wine but palm juice wine. Again, starting your journey in the familiar Bali is suggested if you have at least seven days to spend on your vacation.