As far as planning a family holiday goes, it’s an exciting time and as we approach the end of the year, many families are likely taking a look at potential destinations to go in 2014 and are currently booking their time off work! Whether it’s a break in the UK or a worldwide holiday of a lifetime, one thing is for sure and that is that it takes a lot of effort to plan a family holiday but it’s definitely worth it, especially when parents see how much their kids enjoy it! Family holidays don’t last forever, as kids grow up and want to go on holiday with their friends and, as such, we’ve proudly teamed up with the team at My Family Club (you can see their own tips here) to bring you three top tips for planning a family holiday:

1) We all know that prices are bumped up in kids holidays so, if at all possible, try and go away outside of school holidays! Many schools will still permit up to 10 or so authorised days outside of holiday per year if absolutely necessary so, if possible, try and use these to get a fantastic price on your holiday! As long as the kids aren’t missing too much from school or important times, they’ll gain just as much from quality family time and seeing and exploring new places!

2) Many of you typically think that all inclusive means expensive but that doesn’t have to be the case! If you’re a big family, all inclusive can save you a small fortune and ensure you don’t have to spend money eating out every day! You’ll usually find that there’s a great choice of meals each day and, compared to the cost of eating at a restaurant each night, paying the extra is an absolute bargain!

3) Our third and final tip is to shop around for the best price on your holiday! Be open as to where you go and take a look at a few travel agents (both online and offline) to get the best deals and discounts! You’ll find that many travel agents are desperate for your business and, as such, many will often offer great discounts or throw in some fantastic extras for you! All worth it but you’ve got to put in the time shopping around!

Above all, family holidays are great fun and with a little bit of forward planning, they don’t have to cost you a fortune for you and the kids!