online reviews

In today’s era, shoppers, buyers, and customers depend upon online reviews of the brand, business, company or firm to make their purchases. If the brand has good online reviews, great ratings and higher ranking on first SERP of Google, Yahoo or Bing then buyers are more inclined towards it and are willing to avail their services.

Similarly, if a company has bad online reviews, 1 or 2-star ratings then potential buyers tend to stay away from it and are hesitant to make purchases or avail their services. Nowadays, internet users have become very smart. They first ensure to visit business review site of every brand before they make up their mind to buy products or hire their services.

Just like good advertising, aggressive marketing and high ratings, online reviews, albeit good ones are extremely important for any business or brand. Studies show that more than 90% of online shopper read at least three online reviews before deciding to make their purchases.

Read on below to know about the 7 reasons why online reviews are essential for your brand

Reason#1: Search Rankings

No doubt customer reviews play a crucial role to increase your organic rankings on all search engine bars. The more customers talk about your business or write reviews mentioning or tagging your brand, the more buzz will be created and thus Google crawler will visit your site and start ranking you in top searches. It is imperative that you enable customer review option on your website as each new review add unique content to your site thus driving more traffic.  These reviews are extremely vital to improve your search visibility and drive more organic traffic to your website.

Reason#2: Off-Site Ranking

It is true that having online reviews on other websites adds more credibility to your business or brand rather than having long glowing reviews on your own website. Google algorithms or crawler ensure to include data from other websites, platforms, forums, directories before ranking your site and ensuring that it has maximum visibility. Google thinks that these reviews are unbiased, genuine and authentic. It gives the impression that your brand is really good and provide stupendous services that’s why third parties and external websites are raving about it.

Moreover, Google rates the listing of businesses based on five ranking parameters. These include profile strength, verified status, reputation strength, review strength and last but not the least reviewer strength to rank products or services.

Reason#3: Surge Sales

Good, glowing online reviews tend to increase sales of your products by manifold. Whereas negative reviews accomplish just the opposite. Now people tend to check online reviews diligently before making any purchase. They tend to trust or rely on peer recommendation. They won’t believe you when you advertise that your company offer stupendous services or have the best products available in the market, but they will rely on what other customers say about it. If your customer or client had a good experience with your brand, they will write a good online review about it either on the company review page of your website or other platforms. Strangers or potential buyers will read these reviews and make their buying decision according to it. So, in order to increase your company sales, you need to have good online reviews and for it, you need to improve your services or quality of your products.

Reason#4: Increase Worth

Undoubtedly online reviews play a vital part in adding more flexibility to purchasing decisions of potential buyer or customer. These reviews written by your clients increase the worth and forms the credibility of your brand. Moreover, bots and SEO algorithm take into account such reviews and thus increase the ranking as well as the visibility of your business online.

Likewise, with varied methods of reviewing different products or services like pictures, videos, and infographics, small or big companies can easily expand without splurging cash on advertising. Moreover, people tend to share online reviews with their family, friends, and relatives thus making your product more common to the general consumer.

Reason#5: Increase Conversion

It is true that good or bad reviews both have a way of spreading quickly. Typically, consumers or potential buyers will seek more and more information about your product or service before ailing or purchasing it. The more reviews your products get, the better will be your conversion rate.  People don’t want to spend their hard-earned cash on products or services which do not fit or fulfill their needs or requirements. So, before spending money, they will read all customers reviews of your product on different web portals.  Also, always getting a five-star service is also not good, as people may think it is not authentic.  A mix of good and bad reviews is imperative for creating a positive effect on conversion rates.

Reason#6: Understand Your Clients

Online reviews help you to know your customers and understand what they expect from your business. If there are no online reviews, you will never know what they think about your product or where you need an improvement. Online reviews give your customers or clients a platform to voice their opinions about your products or services. Each review, whether good or bad will help you analyze and ponder where you need to improve in order to make your customer happy. It helps you to better serve your customers.

Reason#7: Market Opportunities

No doubt online reviews offer multitude benefits to your business which aggressive marketing campaigns fail to accomplish. You don’t need to run aggressive market campaigns on all social media accounts, but just work hard on improving your services and leave rest up to online reviews. These online reviews act as small marketing campaigns to attract potential customers towards your brand.

Final Word

In this era of internet where online shopping is all the rage, it is imperative that you have good online reviews, albeit authentic one to not only improve your rankings on all search engine bars but also to increase your sale and make your brand famous worldwide.