1. US national parks are scattered throughout the country – from the coast of one ocean to the coast of another. From snowy mountain peaks to deep canyons, from calm lakes to turbulent rivers, from hot volcanoes to cold glaciers. We are going to tell about most beautiful and vast national parks in the USA. It is possible to visit all of them by car. For example, you can rent Rolls Royce in Baton Rouge.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

Location: Wyoming, Montana and Idaho States

Yellowstone, founded in March 1872, became the very first national park in the United States. Here is one of the largest alpine lakes in North America and one of the five existing geyser fields in the world. The Caldera volcano in this National Park is the largest super volcano on the continent. It has erupted several times already, so most of the park area is covered with frozen lava.

You can spend whole your life here, and you will be repeatedly surprised by the fantasies of the nature. The Old Faithful gazer sends out in the air hot-air missions once in hour- it looks stunning!

Here the largest thermal source in the United States – Grand Prismatic is found. You can see a buffalo or a bear in the park. The sunsets are perfect in this reserve. If you want to go for a walk or to the mountains, find at least 15 minutes, so that you can enjoy this beauty, which is rare in its naturalness. Cycling, boating and visiting the amazing Lower Falls waterfall attracts millions of tourists looking to relax.

  1. Sequoia National Park

Location: California State

This is one of the oldest national parks in Amerika, with the highest and the most beautiful trees, not only in the country, but also in the world. Height of some of the trees reaches 8З m! Standing amongst them, you feel like a Lilliput from a Gulliver story. Studying all this beauty, you will become a real pathfinder – an access to 82% of the space of the park is only possible by foot or on horseback.

More than one million of tourists annually come to the park to see five out of 10 highest trees in the world, which are growing here, and to stroll up the snowy hills.

  1. Glacier National Park

Location: Montana State

Glacier National Park is the perfect place to be alone. This is a nature reserve, spread out over 4 thousand square meters in the American state of Montana, close to the northern part of the Rocky Mountains. In the park, you can even spend a night in the mountains, meadows and forests, which are located at high altitude.

Glacier Park is an amazing corner of wildlife that has collected many populations of various animals on its territory. Caribou deer, Canadian lynx, wolverine, bison, black bears and their grizzly relatives, wolves, elks, and long-horned sheep live here. Moreover, the mountain deer and goats are so used to people that they walk right under the windows of hotels. The world of birds is also diverse. Bald eagle, blue heron, American swan, falcon, golden eagle and peregrine falcon are the brightest representatives of the protected fauna. It is noteworthy that the local ecosystem has retained its pristine nature over the years.

Nevertheless, thousands of tourists come to Glacier National Park every year for the sake of not only unusual animals and birds. Many lakes and waterfalls amaze with their purity and picturesqueness. The most popular natural attraction here is Lake McDonald, recognized as the deepest and longest of all park waters.


Coins to commemorate the trip to national parks

In 2010, the launch of a new series of coins in the United States began. It was dedicated to national parks. The collection was called “Beauty of America.” According to the program, it was planned to produce five products each year. Each coin has a face value of 25 cents.

All coins of the series have the same obverse. A portrait of George Washington, the first president of America, is minted on it. The reverse depicts the beauty of the country. Each coin has its own natural object. On products of a series, the sights located in several states will be displayed. Thus, the design of US metal coins will be significantly expanded.

The release plan contains the sequence of images that will be placed on the coins. At one of the last coins, a national historical site, which has the “Tuskegee Airmen” name, will be depicted. The product should go into circulation in 2021.


National parks are as much a matter of US pride as a declaration of independence, a flag or a national anthem. There are 58 protected parks in the country. High mountains, deep gorges, dry deserts, wide meadows, rocky shores, dense forests – there is a very diverse natural world in the USA.