It’s quite distressing to know that people can break into our car. This could have financial implications and emotional upset. If we lose our car, making a claim can be very inconvenient. If we have valuable belongings in our car, we could also lose it. Having something irreplaceable would be even worse. Our car is a personal property and it shouldn’t be taken away from us. Unfortunately, it’s relatively easy to lose our car, if we don’t take sufficient precautions.

Locks can be forced and windows smashed. There are measures that we can take to make sure that people won’t steal our car. Before stealing a car, thieves choose the most valuable and the easiest from all the cars that they can break into or steal. It means that we shouldn’t leave anything valuable on display. Bag, laptop, smartphones and anything valuable shouldn’t be left inside the car. If we leave our belongings lying around, we will become an easy target for any thief. In the night, cars should be parked under street lamps. Thieves often don’t want to be caught working under the spotlight. They will likely find cars that are parked in shady spots. It is even better to put our cars in a locked garage with sturdy door and wall.

Determined and resourceful thieves could still snatch away cars that are locked inside garage, but they will much more likely choose easier targets. This could sound like a very obvious precaution, but it’s always necessary to lock out car. Many people simply forget to lock their cars. It is also important to choose secure car park that give out tickets. It means that thieves won’t be able to drive the car away without giving the ticket to the attendant on their way out. An open car park could have minimal security and it is often unguarded. If we need to park our car in unguarded areas, we should make sure that it is difficult for people to steal it.

We need to ask professionals to fit the car alarms. This is often an effective way to deter any thief. Steering lock is affordable and it could make a huge different in deterring most car thieves. Cars should also have immobilized, which is enabled when we leave it. It means that the car won’t start, even if thieves manage to defeat the multiple security layers. The car should also have onboard GPS tracker, so if it gets stolen, we will be able to track it using the Internet technology. The tracker is often hidden deep inside the car, so thieves often don’t realize that they

Regardless of our efforts, there’s still minimal possibility that our car is actually stolen. In this case, we should let the police know about it. In this case, the police will ask us for details. After our car is recovered, especially if we already have GPS tracker installed; we should check for any damage. The insurance company should agree to cover any damage and we should prepare any document.