It does not matter if you’re going to be seventy-five or forty years old: you took your papers or ask you write me an essay for me and did your homework. Overcome by the sophistication and at a much more elementary user level than their children, millions of parents today are torn between despair and the struggle for efficiency almost every afternoon.

The course has begun and not only the children have returned to school. Those booklets, underlined books to review and squiggles more or less uncertain are being forgotten in front of technological developments available to anyone. The mobile can be converted with the appropriate applications in a suitable tool to improve the didactic skills of any parent. Gone are the long afternoons of intimate study of the lesson to be taught the next day, the arduous corrections and all those professional pluses of the teacher that you really are not. At least four apps can make things much easier:

The planning

In paper or robotized, the first step in any mission is always a good strategic plan and execution: to direct an expedition to Mars or to learn the multiplication table. Here there is a great variety to choose from, with the idea of ​​always having clear the pending tasks, delivery times, topics and others. You can step out with Google Calendar and Google Tasks , combining a simple calendar with a planner. You can also work directly with list systems, such as the acclaimed Wunderlist, which allows you to synchronize all types of devices, share and delegate tasks, chat, include attachments and other whims.

Another possibility is an electronic replica of the School Agenda of a lifetime: hence the most popular application takes its name. And there are truly integrative options such as Slack , which allows the management of teams by projects, with their respective chats, activity lists, documents and, above all, with integrated communication applications. That is, it generates a work environment that supports communications and collaborations between its members, and can be controlled by a user: very appetizing for a parent or teacher.

The objective data

Educate in values, comment on texts and share study techniques has its science. But when two and two are four, the matter is clear and does not admit interpretation. For these cases, Photomath is an innovation that solves problems in a stroke, and never better. Faced with a mathematical approach, focuses on the camera and you get the result and detailed explanation of how it has been achieved. As to leave the mobile at your fingertips in an exam! Congratulations to all parents who have had to deal with equations, derivatives, integrals and advanced calculation problems. Photomath reads text including manuscript, calculates, shows the steps and even designs the corresponding graphics.

By the way, Socratic offers a similar solution, with the recognition of characters and the search of the context and the answer to the questions posed, and in several subjects.


A classic: point the child to a bilingual school and be forced to learn German. Memrise becomes a kind substitute who also speaks English, French, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Dutch, Turkish … He really speaks almost everything and proposes courses, games, videos, chats … With great certainty, he will captivate the parents same time, because who is not curious to learn some phrases in some language of distant origin. It is free, although it has a paid version, and it is difficult to download it from the best application rankings every year. Also hook, things as they are.

And a pill for the future

MIT created the youth version of UK Essay Writing. with the idea of ​​teaching programming in an easy and fun way. This initiative was so successful that it did not take long for a children’s version to appear. Here interactivity plays an important role among children from 5 to 7 years old.

By making the characters dance, run and jump, the little ones get familiar with a language that will order their brains to be able to face complex programming a few years later. The future, really, is in the hands of these curious pupils who want to play.

Author Bio: Eddie is a social media planner and cheap custom essay provider.