Trucks can be seen as highly versatile vehicle. They are meant to be well built, providing drivers, passengers and cargo with enough protection during a collision. The driver cabin is designed to provide high degree of visibility and it’s good for the self esteem of the driver as well. Truck is designed to provide enough cargo space, making the truck highly versatile. Trucks should be able to proper move huge objects over relatively long distances.  Trucks with quality suspension lift kit and off road tires should be able to deal with unforgiving and inhospitable terrains. Because trucks are so versatile, theft can be quite common. If you own a truck right now, it is important to know your vehicle category is among the most sought after by thieves. You should watch out for possible theft, because you can end up losing a lot of money. Dodge Ram, F-150, Cadillac Escalades and Ford F-250 are models that are often targeted by thieves. So, if you have any of these models, you should know that you are relatively vulnerable. There’s no reason for complacency and you need to reduce any likelihood for theft. First of all, you need to have proper security alarm and it will alert everyone in the area that something is not right. Initially, people will think that the alarm is accidentally triggered, but if it happens for a bit too long, they should start to become suspicious. The most important thing is the thief will become nervous and flee the crime scene.

Security alarm is among the most basic security method, but it is often the most effective in preventing any evildoer from doing something inappropriate with your car. In general, prevention should be the best cure and you may use multiple security accessories. It should be quite easy for you to retrieve the car after it is stolen. This is particularly true when you have GPS-based tracking device in your truck. However, car thieves will try to keep up with the security measures. Many of them have technical skills to circumvent security measures implemented by truck owners. In many cases, petty thieves simply want to take what’s inside your truck, instead of the truck itself. They could be lured by the fancy Louis Vuitton bag you leave inside the cabin. So, it is important to try to stay ahead of the pack by implementing various security measures. You need to be able to keep any intruder from shattering the windows and grab something valuable from inside the car. It is a good idea to use tonneau cover, so you will be able to hide everything inside the truck bed. You should hide everything from the prying eyes of the thieves. It means that they won’t know that there are expensive snowboards, hunting gears and other items inside your cabin. There are different options of tonneau cover available for your truck, such as roll up or hinged, Truxedo or Extand, manual or electrical. The content of your truck should be well hidden from their plain view.