Many car owners drive their vehicles everyday to work, but it is actually beneficial for them to car pool or car share. In this case, two or more people who own a car each, decide to travel together in a single car. They usually share costs of fuel, parking ticket, maintenance and others. Car sharing increases social interactions between neighbors or co-workers. The most obvious benefit of car sharing is reduced fuel consumption and because each car is used less, the overall maintenance can be reduced. By car sharing, we should be able to reduce the annual commuting costs. Each person may potentially save up to $1,500 each year on parking tickets and fuel. Because drivers can drive alternately, boredom as well as mental wear and tear can be reduced. This will ensure driver can stay alert and risks of accident can be reduced. With car sharing, we should be able to reduce the overall emission. Only by sharing car with another person, nearly 650kg of carbon dioxide will be saved. Because millions of cars are being driven at once, pollution is a big problem in many countries. It is estimated that eventually, more people would die due to pollution-related illnesses, than car accidents.

Asthma sufferers may  experience more severe symptoms due higher pollution. By car sharing, we are contributing to higher life expectancy. Parking problems and congestion could also happen in many countries. If everyone car shares, the number of cars on motorways would be halved. Billions of dollars are lost each year due to reduced productivity, fuel wastage and parking costs. Car sharing could also become an alternative to public transportation. In rural and sub-urban areas, there is minimal access to public transportation. This will ease people to get to their destinations. By car sharing, it is easy for people to meet many new people. In fact, co-workers could become more familiar with another as they spend time each day on the same car. Close interactions with co-workers can increase productivity at workplace. The same applies with neighbors and the improved social interactions would be beneficial for any community. Car sharing may benefit our insurance policy and we will be able to ask for lower premium. Because cars are driven less frequently, the overall risks are also reduced. It means that premiums can be lowered appropriately. It’s clear that car sharing can have plenty of benefits.

Car sharing is good for environment, money and health. It is a good way to meet our neighbors and co-workers. Cars can be used alternately, it means that engines will wear down slower and exterior of car will be less exposed to the elements. This is essential if we want to make sure that the overall costs can be reduced. There are many other ways to improve car sharing methods and this could depend on our environment and situations.  Car sharing can also be used for company cars and it’s not necessary for two teams to be in two separate cars.