Are you tired of replacing your toaster every couple of years or less? Isn’t it always the case that it fails to work just outside the guarantee period? Well maybe it’s time to go for a more reliable brand this time round, but what are the options available and how do you know if they will last much longer than a cheaper brand? We asked Edwardes Bros!

Buying A Better Appliance

A toaster is pretty much essential in any kitchen but the type you go for will be dictated by various factors such as the money you have available at the time and the size of your family. It will also depend on what you want to use the toaster for, whether it’s just toasting bread or for warming bread rolls/croissants etc. In fact some people want to go one step further and use their toaster for toasting one side of a bagel only, and this is a feature available on some brands.

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One of the most basic features is how many slices can be accommodated at a time. If there are only two people in your family and you don’t want to eat toast at the same time then a two slice model will be sufficient. It will take up less space on the worktop and will be cheaper than a larger model. However for a large family this will prove to be frustrating in a morning and you could find yourself in a queue for breakfast. If that’s the case then go for a larger model.

Trusting The Right Brand

In terms of reliability you really can’t beat the Dualit brand. Dualit have been around for many years and the older models have become a much sort after item. Not only do they look stylish, they are also available in a number of different models and sizes as well. Although you’ll need to pay much more for one of these appliances, if you take into account how long they will last, they will actually save you money in the end.