Brisbane is a wonderful city to experience and explore. Eating your way through Brisbane is impossible for a short trip, but you could try a few of the best restaurants in the city. Brisbane has everything you could dream of from Indian to vegetarian. You just have to pick something and dive in. Here are the top five restaurants to try while visiting the city.

Eating Your Way Through Brisbane - Top 5 Restaurants


This Spanish restaurant is a high-class establishment with dishes that are sharable for your table. Ortiga is urban, chic and pure. You will fall in love with their delectable small plates and large entrees. Dessert is about $15. You can expect to spend at least $100 for two at this restaurant, but it’s well worth the splurge.


This restaurant is a moderately priced place with chic-interior design. Urbane features six different menus to choose from. Their most expensive main dish is about $50, but you can easily fill up on smaller plates for less cash. Urbane is a lovely establishment to try out while you are in the area.

Fatboy’s Cafe

This cafe is vastly different from the other restaurants on this list. If you want cheap eats, then Fatboy’s is the place to go. The menu is full of delicious options like eggs, hashbrowns and other breakfast foods. This restaurant is open late and is the perfect hangover cure. You can eat until you can’t eat anymore when you come to Fatboy’s, and you won’t leave completely broke either.

Mecca Bah

This restaurant is swanky, clean and delicious. You can order eclectic Middle-eastern meals, and they serve cocktails while you wait for a table. Portions are huge. That means you can share your delicious entrees with friends at a table. Labanese sausage is a must try. Chickpea-battered mussels are also an interesting choice. If you want the fanciest pizza in existence, come to Mecca Bah to try their lamb pizza. It’s surprisingly affordable for the quality of the food. It’s a great option for travelers on a tight budget. You will also want to try dessert while visiting Mecca Bah.

Mondo Organics

This modern and Australian restaurant provides eco-friendly and organic food. Everything served here is sustainably harvested, grown or raised. You are sure to find something here to suit your dietary needs. Mondo Organics is high quality and delicious from the first bite to finish. You won’t be disappointed, but it is a little pricier than you would expect to pay for a restaurant in Brisbane. It’s romantic, friendly and also great for families and children. Mondo suits everyone’s needs, and you won’t leave hungry.