10 Amazing and Surprising Body Facts

We all hate studies and try to run away from it as far as we could. And why won’t we? The sight of benzene structure or mathematical theorems is powerful enough to make anyone want to puke definitely. Physics alone can kill anybody easily. Nothing’s different from biology. Who wants to see a bleeding finger poking out of the skull of dead? Not even when there is some really cool biology happening around. Let’s have a look on 10 surprising body facts:

  1. What do you love more food, or sleep? Well, I love food more. But not loving or getting enough sleep could get me into serious trouble. So I guess I love sleep more. In fact, humans can go without food longer than they could live without sleep. It is possible for humans to survive just on water for a month or two, but without enough sleep, one cannot survive more than 11 days. Lack of sleep can cause serious health problems including memory issues, brain cells degeneration, and hallucination. So sleep enough if you don’t want to sleep forever this soon.
  2. There are around 2400 kilometers of airways in the lungs of a human with 300-500 hollow cavities. If all the capillaries around the lung’s cavity are uncoiled and laid straight, the total area it will cover will be around 992 kilometers, unimaginable right?
  3. Redheads are cool. Black is gorgeous. Rainbow colors are trendy. Blonde? dull, boring, and lifeless. In addition, thick, dense, volumed. You heard it right. Blonde hairs are naturally dense than any other hairs. Science explains an average of 100,000 hair follicles on a human head, each of which can produce 20 individual hairs during the lifetime. In the case of blondes, this increases to 146,000 follicles. Now, this is called volume.
  4. Your favorite past time? Sure, it is partying with your friends. Going out, eating like pigs, drinking like jerks, and getting knocked out of your wits. Well, who cares when ultimately you are going to be back in your senses? But studies say differently. You could be seriously troubled with excess alcohol consumption getting your brain damaged, blurred vision, unsteady balance, and slurry speech forever. A true retard for a lifetime.
  5. Here it comes neat-freaks. No matter how many times you take bath or keep your house clean, millions of microorganisms always surround you and latch onto you like, as you are their only lifeline. Around 32 million bacteria are sticking to just a single square inch of your skin. However, do not worry most of them are harmless.
  6. Are you a workaholic or a couch potato? You better not be both. Studies have shown active people die and inactive people die. So what is the difference when everybody is going to die? There definitely is. Sitting idle or being less active increases the chances of chronic and heart diseases. Active movements keep the sugar and cholesterol level in control and blood vessels actively functioning which reduce the chances of heart diseases. Although it might not save you from an ultimate death, that might be a healthy death for sure.
  7. Everyone wants to laugh and be happy and so their friends most often tickle them. But what to do when there are no friends around? One can sure tickle himself but it will not do the trick. Tickling works only in the state of oblivion. The human body could not respond to tickles in full awareness.
  8. The way you eat predicts how weight conscious you are. Therefore, if you are a weight freak, you are hell-bent on eating one banana a day and feel like you have eaten a whole shark. But now you don’t need to. Every hour, around 600,000 particles of your skin are shredded off. This accounts for 1.5 pounds of weight each year. You can eat all you want to save yourself from being completely shredded off from the planet earth.
  9. You have some muscles that run faster than a Cheetah. These muscles are responsible for the blinking of the eye in one-hundredth of a second, accounting for 11,500 times blinking in a day. Now you know which muscles to use just in case you are being chased by an animal.
  10. Humans should stop complaining about the pollution and dirt in the environment when they are the root cause. No, it’s not about the waste they artificially produce. Only the dead skin alone creates a billion tons of dust in the atmosphere.

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