Looking Great And Feeling Good

Looking good and feeling good are two of the great challenges of life in 2018 – the world is an increasingly demanding place, with omnipresent wi-fi and networking technology not freeing us from the demands of work but simply squeezing out the times and places where you can be expected to be out of touch. If you’re trying to get ahead (or even stand still) in the workplace, you need to show you’re available while commuting, answering emails in the evenings and even on call at weekends. As well as that, increasing costs in big cities leave people stuck living in small rooms in shared houses, or resigned to long, exhausting commutes that leave you tired before the day properly begins.

Today we’re offering a few tips for clawing back a bit of life from the melee and looking and feeling good.

Shaving Well

Rather than running an electric shaver over your dry face as you run out the door, and spending the day rubbing at razor burn and cuts, start the day well. You’ll look better, but more importantly, you’ll feel better too.

Give yourself time – taking ten minutes to get your shave right won’t impact your morning too much and gives you the chance to look yourself in the eye in the bathroom mirror and start the day by practising the skill of shaving competently and calmly.

Treating to yourself to a luxury shaving set makes this even more of a ritual, even if you only break out the badger hair brushes at the weekend.

Getting Up Earlier

The day of the normal commuter begins with an alarm snoozed as long as possible, an exhausting day at work, and then sleep put off by browsing the internet on a tablet or smart phone until exhaustion tightens its grip.

Exert some control and make more of your time. Set your alarm a little earlier and use your willpower to actually get up when it goes off! Getting up at six gives you an hour of extra time you can use. Whether you want to go for an early morning run, catch up with the news or work on your novel this give you time for yourself in the morning so you can arrive at work feeling prepared and centred rather than making a mad dash to the office while you’re still half asleep.

To compensate, in the evening cut short aimless web browsing, and aim to be in bed for ten. Enforcing a strict lights out time lets you sleep longer and better. If the temptation to reach for your phone is hard to grapple with, put it out of arms’ reach and allow your duvet to keep you pinned down!