How Pneumatic Double Acting Cylinders Are Applied and Used?


Engine cylinder manufacturing experts bring this article to explain how they apply or use pneumatic double acting cylinders. If you need any special assistance, you can contact pneumatic cylinders manufacturers. To know the use of these cylinders, keep reading this article.

Pneumatic cylinders transform air pressure into linear motion. They are similar to automotive pistons but the piston is pushed by pressurized gas’ influx instead of a gasoline explosion. It is important to return the piston to the starting position after each stroke. If there is a single spring applied to return the piston, it is a single action cylinder. In double action cylinder, air pressure is used to return the piston.

Double action pneumatic cylinders are costlier than single action model. However, in terms of superior design, double action pneumatic cylinders are better than single action cylinders. These are faster, stronger, and need less energy to do the similar job.

Usually in industrial applications, single action cylinders are applied. But if the experts are concerned about force or speed, they employ double action cylinders. Applications include closing and opening doors and valves, taking things off conveyor belts and putting things over conveyor belts.

These are even used and applied for lifting merchandise and transporting them around for presses and punches.

Use of pneumatic cylinders in Robotics sector

Pneumatic cylinders are critically important component of robots. These are used for making arms that move in natural way. The artificial muscles include rubber tubes enclosed in a metal mesh. When the tubes are inflated, the mesh of metal expands in diameter and decrease in length.

Robot arms include two sets of muscles – one on the front, i.e. biceps and other is on the back of the arm, i.e. triceps.

Other uses of pneumatic cylinders

Double action cylinders are majorly applied in automobile, ATV, motorcycle, and aerospace landing gear suspensions since the bumps come faster and cannot be handled by single action cylinder.

Double action cylinders are employed in drilling, earth moving equipments, and log splitters due to need of high forces. You can also found them in back hoes, elevators, garbage trucks, trash compactors, forklifts, etc.

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