Arguably one of the most fashion-forward pieces of winter is the bomber hat. Also referred to as an aviator cap, the bomber hat makes a strong style statement and also proves that you don’t have to freeze to look good. Here are five unique ways to rock a bomber hat this season.

To The Office

5 Ways To Rock A Bomber Hat This Season

Who says you have to sacrifice style for your morning commute to the office this winter? A classic, cable-knit bomber hat looks stunning when paired with a wool trench coat, a skirt suit, and pumps. Layer a thin cashmere scarf under the coat, and you have a functional and classy look that will keep you toasty warm.

Downtown Casual

5 Ways to Rock a Bomber Hat This Season

Pair a funky floral or plaid bomber hat with some skinny jeans, a pair of low-top athletic shoes, an anorak jacket and a graphic t-shirt for a fun and approachable winter look that will turn heads this season. Another great casual look would be to pair a quilted, fur aviator cap with a puffer vest, thermal tunic top, fleece leggings, and tall-shaft boots for a ski-bunny-chic and casual look.


5 Ways to Rock a Bomber Hat This Season

If you are a little more daring and friends would call you the fashionista of your group, try pairing a bomber hat with a floral maxi dress, parka and Chelsea boots. The look is unexpected and a little risky, but can also be playful and fun. This outfit combination proves that you do not have to take fashion too seriously in the winter months.

Lumberjack Chic

5 Ways to Rock a Bomber Hat This Season

Embrace the bomber hat by going head-to-toe lumberjack. A buffalo-plaid flannel, skinny jogger-style pant, high-top athletic shoes and an aviator cap screams comfort and style. Throw on a pair of suspenders, and friends and family will think you have purchased a remote log cabin high up on a mountain.

Warm-Weather Diva

5 Ways to Rock a Bomber Hat This Season

One final way to wear a bomber hat it to pair it with a simple slinky-knit top, ballet flats and jeans in the spring or fall. Even though the bomber hat traditionally has a distinct winter theme, you do not have to resort to only wearing it in the winter months.

Fur, poms, quilting, and ties are all commonly featured on bomber hats; this makes them the ideal choice for colder months. Bomber hats have a chunky design aesthetic, especially with the flaps, which can make them a bit challenging to style. If you think outside the box and the season, you can wear them year round.