Top 5 Worst Dental Problems And How to Solve Them

Everyone dreams of having good and healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Nowadays, dentists are consulted only in case of severe toothaches or caries. But no one understands the main thing that you need to go to the dentist constantly, and all toothaches arise from the fact that you do not properly care for your teeth and do not regularly visit the doctor. Remember, the health of your body is directly related to the condition of your teeth. In this article, you will find out about the worst dental problems and how to solve them.

1. Yellow Enamel

There are few lucky ones who can boast of a snow-white smile, given by nature. If you are not one of them, do not be upset.

There are a number of effective ways to brighten enamel:




endo bleaching.

A competent specialist will help you choose the method that is right for you.

2. Integrity Violation

The dental unit can crumble, break off.

Restoration of dental integrity is carried out using:

Veneers. It is a special structure that encloses the surface of the tooth. They are usually used to restore the anterior jaw row. Veneers restore the tooth, making it aesthetically pleasing.

-Tabs. These are dentures that follow the shape of the tooth. With these microprosthetics, durable materials are used that can serve for more than a dozen years.

To correct the shape of the dental unit, dentists can also resort to enamel building, but this method is used if no more than a third of the tooth is destroyed.

3. Caries

Caries softens hard dental tissues, which leads to the formation of cavities. In addition, the enamel loses useful minerals, which is accompanied by an unpleasant symptom – increased sensitivity of the teeth.

Caries is a disease that needs to be treated immediately. Lack of timely therapy leads to the development of pulpitis – inflammation in the area of the neurovascular bundle. Pathology is accompanied by excruciating pain, for treatment you will have to remove the nerve (which will cost you much more than just putting a filling). In addition, advanced caries can lead to the complete loss of a tooth, which will require implantation.

4. Wisdom Teeth

These dental units are rudiments for modern humans. Primitive people ate solid, unprocessed food, so their jaws were larger and wider. Extraction of such teeth is common in dental practice since they do not participate in chewing, but form a cariogenic environment. In addition, wisdom teeth move “neighbours”, changing the complete dentition.

Advice! In order not to wait for the eruption of “wise” teeth and the manifestation of painful signs, take an X-ray of the jaw. The picture shows how the teeth will grow – if it is wrong, then they can be removed already at this stage.

5. Bleeding Gums

Unpleasant sensations in the mouth, redness of the gums, and their bleeding indicate inflammation of the mucous epithelium of the gums – gingivitis. Despite the fact that the tooth is not negatively affected, the lack of treatment leads to damage to the deep tissues. Dentists clean the teeth, then treat the oral cavity with drugs that eliminate pain and inflammation.

What Leads to Dental Problems?

Smoking. This bad habit, in addition to darkening teeth and an unpleasant odour, increases the risk of developing pathologies of the gums and teeth. When sipping cigarette smoke, resins, phenols, ammonia, tar, and nicotine are deposited on the enamel, which accelerates the formation of dental plaque. Smokers also have an increased dry mouth and saliva deficiency is unable to protect the mouth from pathogenic bacteria.

Alcohol. Ethyl alcohol is saturated with acids and synthetic additives that destroy tooth enamel. Alcoholic drinks also flush out the calcium that your teeth need.

Eating sweet foods. Decomposition of carbohydrates consumed with food provokes tooth decay.

Proper Dental Care is Important

If you want to sparkle with a Hollywood smile, take note of the following recommendations from experts from Forum Dentistry:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes.
  • Use a natural bristle toothbrush.
  • Buy fluoride pastes with the triclosan copolymer formula. It has been proven that they reduce the risk of caries development, have anti-plaque activity.
  • Always use dental floss to clean the interdental space and a tongue brush.
  • Use mouthwash after brushing your teeth. It fights microorganisms in hard-to-reach places and keeps breath fresh.
  • And most importantly, see your dentist regularly. This is necessary for professional teeth cleaning and early detection of dental problems.


Having healthy white teeth is the duty of every sane person; it is stylish, relevant, and natural. Do not be afraid to go to the dentist, do not neglect the condition of your teeth, because your health depends on them. Make sure to follow the recommendations above, and we wish you to have a healthy and beautiful smile!