Is Your House Cat Friendly?

If you’re taking care of a pet cat for a friend, have a neighbourhood cat who sometimes wanders in to investigate or are planning to get a pet cat of your own, it’s your responsibility to make sure your house is not only safe for cats, but thoroughly cat friendly, so they can enjoy their time there happily as well as safely.

If you don’t know what common dangers there are for cats in your home then you might find yourself having to look up cat diarrhea treatment more often than you might like, or even have to make an emergency visit to the vet! If you don’t know what a cat needs to feel secure and happy then you won’t enjoy as good a relationship with your cat – and it could even suffer from stress and depression!

Today we’re taking a look at some of the ways you can make your home a cat friendly one.


The most important thing to do is be aware of common household dangers for cats. These can include toxic foods, and physical dangers.

In the kitchen, keep foods that could be harmful to your pet – like onions and other members of the allium family; citrus fruits, which contain oils that can be toxic to cats; and chocolate, which can cause seizures and even death! This isn’t an exhaustive list, so do your research before you decide exactly how to make your kitchen safe.

Electrical cables and appliances can also be a source of danger for cats: live cables might look like the tails of waiting rodents, or simply like other toys your cat plays with – either way, biting them isn’t good for your cat! Bundle them up, and hide them behind furniture.If you need to, you can even look for products that make them taste and smell unappealing to curious kittens. Washing machines and dryers might look like cosy places for a cat nap, but if you don’t check them before turning them on, the results are unthinkable! Keep the doors closed unless you’re actually using the machine, and check it for cats first! If you’re not doing the laundry yourself, put notes on the front of the machines to remind people to check.

A Good Environment for Cats

Creating a good home for a cat is about more than safety – you need to think about what your cat needs to feel secure and happy.

For one thing, many cats like to climb and explore different levels. If you want to keep your cat off high shelves risking themselves and anything you have displayed on them, invest in some multilevel climbing toys for your cats. These can serve double duty as scratching posts, helping to spare your furniture from damage.

Cats like to feel in control of their environment, so make sure you set up places they can retreat to when stressed – when your cat has retreated to a drawer, a cushioned box or its cat bed, don’t disturb it. Respect your cat’s boundaries, and it’ll feel more secure and happy in your home, and will volunteer to spend more time with you for games, cuddles and even naps on the sofa!