Mobile app development

Along with the world going digital, every small and big business tend to establish their online presence to make it easier to reach the target market. And currently, when people are especially dependant on their smartphones it is much more effective to promote businesses with the help of mobile applications. Many people are in search of the best language to make apps that will provide a great user experience and promote brands. However, in this article, we’ll check out what are the revolutionary changes in the mobile development industry.  


#1 Artificial Intelligence

People in the mobile developers’ community have surely tried deep learning and machine learning in order to build mobile apps. Applications, for instance, Apple’s Siri, is no longer a nuance to the tech developers community.

As AI technologies have become a critical factor in mobile development, we require to learn about its features. For example, chatbots play a more essential role in the development of AI technologies. Currently, it becomes easier for mobile app developers, to integrate chatbots into their iOS applications. In the coming times, we will see chatbots serving as virtual assistants that will probably feel like we are talking to real people.


#2 Smart Annotation

The smart annotation is a very recent feature in the sphere of education. Thanks to this feature, marking up pages or projects become too easy both for teachers and students. Currently, students turn in their pages electronically. However, if any teaching faculty wants to mark up papers, they have to print it out or use the PDF file of it and mark up from several third-party applications. Due to smart annotations, teachers simply write and add marks right on the online documents. As a result, the markings stay anchored so that if the student adds something to the primary document content, all the markups smartly move and stick to the anchored text.


#3 VR (Virtual Reality)

One of the most revolutionary iOS development changes is Virtual Reality. These apps incorporate real-world experience in mobile applications. In mobile applications, user experience and performance are the most important components to achieve success. And this is where VR has a massive role to play. Whenever users enter any application, they want to experience a seamless flow. Thanks to Virtual Reality, it becomes easier to achieve that. High-Quality experience and hassle-free results are the power of VR. Therefore, using this trending technology, one may get a competitive advantage over competing businesses and stand out from the pool of competitors in the market.

As Virtual Reality has become known in the industry, it is considered in applications for iPhones so that you do not need to wait for the arrival of iGlasses to enjoy VR applications in your iOS devices.


#4 AR (Augmented Reality)

Have you ever dreamed about arriving at the space? Now you may imagine that the line between virtual and reality just doesn’t exist. Your surroundings may convert into whatever you like. Due to iOS apps, these experiences are no longer impossible. Yet, a new way of using technologies – AR is here. This augmented reality transforms how you do anything.

Augmented reality is especially useful for solving daily problems. For instance, it becomes easier to measure real-world objects. Thanks to augmented reality, you may have a clear image of how a piece of furniture will look in your home decor. With AR it becomes possible to do things you couldn’t even imagine before. As a result, we discover new ways of doing things, and working becomes easier interesting.


#5 Dark Mode

These days, people are tired of bright colors. White and similar light colors affect the eyes. Accordingly, mobile app developers consider the factor of dark mode. Apple supports dark mode in all of the primary apps. Basically, there are two options to use it: 

✔️ a toggle that switches between the two modes

✔️ an automatic function that intelligently flips back and forth based on sunrise and sunset.

Another advantageous feature is the custom wallpaper that changes between light and dark mode, the way Apple’s defaults do, instead of just dimming the users’ existing backgrounds whenever the Dark Mode is on.

In several places, however, dark mode is simply plain broken or nonexistent. For example, Apple’s iWork suite of apps or its iTunes Remote app, which has not been updated by the company. Probably, those apps will get sorted out soon.


#6 Apple Maps

Apple introduced a new standard for its base maps. These are more accurate and introduce better data related to locations, roads, parks, buildings, and many more places. However, it takes some time until the data becomes available everywhere.

Some practical additions are available as well. It is possible to save any favorite place or location due to these new favorites and features that are genuinely useful. This real-time transit information assumes you live in any place where it’s available.

Apple Maps becomes a viable tool to use while getting around. There is a whole new UI that lets the users view mapping directions and meanwhile the current music playback. This is a great feature that is long overdue for the software.