The organization that the survey was done on is the Central Florida Community College, where I teach nursing. Considering the Empowerment assessment survey, my company is a 4 on the 1-4 scale. Most all of the questions were a yes, and even if they were not a full yes, they were a maybe or most of the time. There were not any no’s that this company actually scored, just some lacking in this are or need for improvement in certain areas. During all my interactions with this facility, I firmly believe that most of what they do is very empowering to nurses and all staff members. They are always open to new ideas and always encourage staff to bring new and improved ideas to the table. We are always encouraged to raise questions and always stay informed and never feel like we should not bring something to the attention of a peer or management level personnel.

Areas That May Need To Be Addressed

One area that may not be a strong yes answer, but could almost qualify as a no, would be the area addressing mistakes. No employer likes its staff to make mistakes, however, there is a not dire consequence for making mistakes, just a lot of redirection and retraining to prevent that this would happen again. The situation is reviewed and it is determined how the mistake was made and then addressed by training or retraining that staff member based on the faculty’s policy. These are basically accepted as part of a learning process, no one gets any disciplinary action for something that just needs to be more accurately understood.

For example, one of the new nursing instructors gave a student extended time to complete a project without obtaining proof of absentees. The student basically took an extended leave, without letting anyone know or explain the reason for the absence. The new instructor being new, not wanting to make any enemies of the students, just let the student do the assignment and hand it in when it was complete. Several other students complained that this student had not been in class and did not have a deadline to complete projects as they had. Well, it turned out that this student had to retake this section of the program and was given the same instructions and rules that the other students had to follow. The instructor was sent to a session about deadlines and assignments and the importance of making everyone follow the same rules. She was not written up or disciplined in any other way, just simply retrained in an area in which she lacked.

How I Empower Myself Through My Company

I could empower myself to help in making positive changes in my organization, by making sure that I apply all my performances strictly by company policy and always address my problems or my uncertainties with my superiors, mentors, and colleagues. Also, I find it very important to help make new members of our faculty feel welcome and knowledgeable as well. Their success is our success, without them we will not be capable of increasing the numbers of future students and nurses.