Reducing Arc Flash Potential Through Analysis and Electrical Safety

Many people are unafraid when working around electrical equipment without realizing the differences between the voltage used in an industrial setting and a home. It makes getting an arc flash potential analysis and instituting an electrical safety program that much more important.

What is arc flash?

Arc flash is when a tremendous amount of electricity, through a power source or build-up in static electricity, is discharged onto another object or person in close proximity. It is a dramatic, quick event that can leave everyone in the immediate area at risk and shaken from the experience.

What is the danger of arc flash events?

One of the more disturbing dangers to arc flash events is the potential for an employee to get electrocuted. The potential for arc flash is ever-present in any industry or business that deals with electrical equipment or fails to properly ground against a build-up of static charge. Another danger is the risk of a fire breaking out due to the arc flash event.

What is arc flash analysis?

Analyzing arc flash potential is a multi-faceted approach to the way energy is delivered to equipment in your building. Any weaknesses in your system are fixed, moved to safe locations, and given all safety considerations to reduce or eliminate the risk to people and business equipment or buildings.

Analyzing Arc Flash Potential as a Part of Comprehensive Electrical Safety

The complete analysis of your electrical grid and arc flash potential should be a central part of a complete electrical safety program within your business. All electrical circuitry, breakers, and plugs should have necessary safety labels. Proper clothing should end up a requirement in areas that are considered danger zones.

Meet Compliance Requirements and Keep Assets Safe

Analyzing your arc flash potential and adding electrical safety training for employees will keep you in compliance and help protect your business assets from the damage of fire. It is worth taking the time to implement safety precautions, adequate training, and have a professional seek out any potential weaknesses.

No industry that deals with high voltage electrical power are free from the dangers of arc flash potential. Getting a proper analysis is the best way to start implementing needed changes.