HR certification

The business landscape has totally transformed. The information technology has advanced. And the marketplace has a high demand from the education field. Where does all that leave you as an HR professional? In limbo. In dilemma.

Which professional course to study? Is specialization as an HR required? Are HR certifications required for the HR management in the long run? These questions have the potential to completely change the face of lifelong learning. The certification industry and the HR management professionals are waking up to this new awakening to arm themselves with the weapon to accomplish new skills and be validated for competencies and capabilities.

Mobile and new digital capabilities are changing the perceptions of continuing education for higher studies, learning, and certifications for the HR management career. University is no longer the destination of all those who want to learn and earn simultaneously. Education has become a never ending road with great destinations of career appraisals and promotions waiting in the journey.

The statistics of Pew Research Center 2016 study- Lifelong Learning and Technology also proves the importance of HR certifications. 63% adults inclusive of both the professionals who work full-time and part-time think of themselves as ‘professional learners’ and have already taken a training course or certification to improve job expertise and skills in the last one year.

Higher education along with non-academic certifications is the new emerging norm. Employers become more confident of their hired employees and are certain of their capabilities. Many of the HR certifications are easily shareable among students, professionals, educators, and employers via professional networking websites like LinkedIn.

It’s really sad to say but it is the truth of the matter that though the digital credentials and HR certifications are exploding, a wide population of HR management professionals seems to be unaware of the omnipresent treasure even in countries like India (Global competitor in IT and an emerging economy). The HR certification in India is booming but very few are aware of the opportunities.

But with the shift in tides of time, the HR certification in India has seen a major shift. An ever-increasing number of professionals are using HR certification in India to grow themselves professionally. The certificationscan be achieved from many platforms some of which are:

Digital Badges:This HR certification demonstrates an excellence of professional competency or skill. About 83% professionals globally are unaware of this certification kind.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs):Many companies and universities offer different online courses. With the growth of IT, online help can go a long way in achieving an HR certification in India. About 80% professionalsglobally are unaware of this.

Distance Learning:Many universities provide distance learning for individuals to help them either complete education or else climb the career success ladder. Any HR certification in India can be easily achieved through the use of distance learning. About 61% professionals globally are unaware of this.

Innovation is making its way even in the HR certifications industry. For example- Mozilla Development network recognizes many offline and online skills. The internet as made continuous and comprehensive education easy for many busy HR management professionals. It has made the HR certification- accessible, accredited, creative, and fun. Paper degrees are passé. What’s stopping you from moving to the new way of doing HR certifications?