There are many things that one can do with a home loan, especially in the sprawling Midwestern mecca of St. Louis. With the charm of a small town while also having the urban feel of a bustling city, St. Louis has a great combination of things to do and people to meet. For people who are both just beginning their foray into homeowner ship as well as people who are re-financing their homes, the money can come in handy for a number of different projects. Have a new room or an addition that you’re looking to bring into your home? Use the money from the loan to remodel your home. Adding a new room can bring the house’s value up, as well as increase the overall charm that the house has. In addition, the loan could be used to change up the look of an existing space, such as changing a current living room into a more open porch or opening up a dining space in order to give more people room to eat or entertain themselves.

Did your children just graduate high school and they’re getting ready to go off to college? Use the funds to help get the kids off to a flying start in their collegiate career. With the freedom that having less to worry about when it comes to finances, the students will be likely to achieve at a higher rate than those who are constantly worried that they might not be able to cover their next semester’s fees.

Looking at the stock market? Have a few funds that you have in mind for a long-term investment? Try hiring a home loan consultant for practical advice about eligibility for certain programs. Using the loan funds in a mutual fund or money market fund both provides a safety net and also a constant source of safe returns over the life of the fund.

Are there no other things that you need to do in the near future? Use the funds for a vacation! Travel across the country or across the world, the choice is yours. Maybe you could meet your children for the first time in a decade, since they’ve been living with their family a number of hours away. Go on a cruise that you’ve been looking into, but just never wanted to splurge on.

In a similar vein, you could use the funds to purchase gifts for the family at your next holiday party. Maybe there was a piece of apparel or a game system that caught your eye and was something to get, but now, with your extra funds, you can afford to make just such a purchase.