Logos, we see everywhere, they are mostly created by communication agencies or freelancers. Their prices are radically different from each other, yet their creation time is more or less the same. Of course we are talking about real logos and pictograms not purchased on sites like TheLogoNow as all logos are the same. We are talking about logos created by professionals, which allow the client company to have a strong visual identity. By cutting our actions we will try to see the time we actually spend for the creation of a logo.

Graphics Research

The logo design is not just a good software, it is primarily a research project. When a company design a logo for a web agency or a freelancer, she completed specifications with their needs and expectations. The research phase will aim to find the nearest project customer needs. This phase can last a whole day or even several days, but in general rule ideas fuse in 4 or 5 hours of research, and drinking lots of coffee! Logo Design: How long a logo is done?

The Design Models

Most of the time, the agency will offer several models to the customer. From our side we present four so that the customer can have a maximum of tracks for his reflection. This design is what takes the most time in the process of logo creation, it takes three hours by model, that is to say 12 hours for the four concepts that we will offer to the customer. Of course this step can take more time, but if the specification was done well and the graphics research was done with care, we will not spend more time.

Any Changes

Most often, customers validate the concepts without requiring modification. Yet we explain to them that it is free and they will have their logo quickly, but in 80% of cases, customers do not require modification. And the remaining 20%, our customers require a small change on a letterpress or a color, which does not take more than an hour. Do not hesitate to request changes if your logo does not entirely please, is your corporate identity and should make you happy every time you see it!

Variants of Achievements

As you may have seen on the cover page of the offer, when we create a custom logo design, we are not content to do the logo transparent background. We offer our customers a colored background, a version in black and white logo. And of course these variants are time since we try to find the best colors including, for rendering great logo. For this task we take approximately 4 hours. This period may long but it is a job that requires extensive testing to find the best result.