When people say calculators, the first thing that pops into our head is a scientific device that helps us to solve what we assume to be complicates mathematical sums. Although they are used in work context, the use of calculators is imperative in higher education institutions. Many students and graduates take this device for granted since it helps them to ease the mental stress of solving the problem. There is much more that you can do with a calculator that you do not know. Many are not aware of such uses either because of ignorance or indifference. This article attempts to give students more closure about the use of calculators.

Graphic Calculators are Overrated 

Yes, they do look cool and can do some complicated stuff, but, these devices are a tad overrated when you consider their performance capacity. Almost all of the branded calculators have graphic capabilities. Although this is a good feature, it is not really useful in most situations. Unless you are dealing with a graph question in your calculus class, this feature is not really a life saver. This is why it is important to choose the right calculators with the right features. For example, let’s say that you are an accounting and finance student, in this case a graphic calculator will not be of much use. What you will need is a financial solution like the HP 12cp financial calculator. This device will prove to be extremely beneficial since it has features that you can actually use in your classroom. For instance, not only can you solve complicated statistical problems, but you will also be able to solve highly relevant problems such as bond price issues and cash flow analysis. Thus, make sure to check whether the features of the calculator and your learning requirements are compatible.

There are More Complicated Software Systems

Even though calculators are very famous and frequently used, there are other devices that can be used as well. Years have rolled by and technology has evolved. Modern society looks for more technology and complicated devices that are in trend. For instance, a finance assistant  or insurance ( for trauma insurance quotes visit this website ) would prefer to use a spreadsheet like MS excel instead of a calculator since the features and uses of the former device are much broader and beneficial. This does not mean that the uses of a calculator are inferior to that of a computer but only that people prefer to use and switch to devices that are easier and less complicated. Scientists have made great attempts to enhance the usage of calculators as well. For example, some smart watches contain pre-installed calculators that can be utilized easily at any time.

Calculators are Actually Affordable 4 Facts About Calculators That You Did Not Know

Some people falsely believe that calculators are expensive since they are quite complicated and high-tech. The price of the calculator depends on several factors. These include the brand, manufacturer, uses, features and the model. It is best to take all these factors under consideration in order to make the purchase cost-effective. Do not purchase advanced models if you do not know how to use them. Some people make such purchases just because they think that the calculator is fancy. Do not buy it if you are not going to use all the ‘fancy’ features since it is a sign of bad consumerism. Instead, choose a calculator with a reasonable price that suits your needs and wants.

Profitability is Greater than Functionality

It doesn’t matter whether you own an old calculator or a new one, as long as you are able to make good use of it. You need to purchase a calculator that is easy to use. For example, the buttons of certain calculators are very rigid and are hard to press. This can be quite inconvenient, especially when you are using it in an immediate and urgent situation such as an exam. Moreover, you must ensure that the calculator will be able to survive long-term usage since calculators can always come in handy. Thus, instead of buying something fancy and in trend, purchase the model that will actually be of use and make your life easier and less complicated.

Knowing and remembering such facts and details about the devices we use, such as calculators, will enable us to utilize them in the right way and to make good use of them.