Proper systems management and good communication, key areas of focus for the successful ecommerce enterprise.

Scenario 1 – Disaster Strikes

You’ve invited the consumer to explore your brilliant new online store. You are ready to receive and inform. Your e-clients are spreading the news. You hold a sales event. The event is a huge success. Stop. You’ve run into a hitch. A critical error in your system is leaving some customers without their product and increasingly frustrated. You check the system. An item sold over a thousand times is erroneously showing ‘available’. Hundreds of people will be out of pocket. Your overworked employ added a 1 to all your shipping labels. Your products are not getting out to your customers. Your sales boom has busted your business and your tech-savvy customers are spreading the news.

Scenario 2 – Rotten Fruit

You ship one hundred of your ‘Fit for a King’ fruit baskets to Slovakia, to be delivered to important delegates on a critical investment meeting. The truck you send is not refrigerated and you didn’t realize Slovakia had unique import requirements. You do your best to explain your mistake to an angry, Slovakian businessman who savagely swears revenge. You offer to resend the baskets but it’s too late, the investment is off. Your business needs a solid grasp on logistics.

 These are the murky waters of disaster sinking your business into online oblivion. It is a nightmare none of us wish to awake to, and it can be avoided. Proper systems management and teaming up with tried and trusted logistic experts can prevent disaster.

Scenario 3 – Ready for Distribution

You’ve invited the consumer to explore. Your enthusiastic e-clients, click-buy, click-buy. Your warehouse or storage facility has been properly stocked and checked by your terrific operations team. All the accompanying paperwork and shipping labels have been assigned to early orders and new requests. For all of these functions to flow a good system must be in place at the start of your ecommerce venture. The successful e-enterprise structure is founded on planning ahead, reviewing stock, staff, and distribution on a regular basis. Good habits grow success.

The Good Customer Experience

The savvy shopper reads and compares. Keep your customers informed. Be clear and concise; write good product descriptions. Your website is the portal to your product. Keep traffic coming by offering something extra like tips, tricks and trends. Online marketing campaigns, social media and PPC are your bloodline. Is it the season to give? Your clients need to know what to expect in case you become inundated with orders. A glitch with deliveries now and then might be unavoidable, but the customer will empathies if your communication is an open and honest conversation. Online marketing is another area of opportunity to partner up with experts who know how to increase your online return on investment.

Delivery services can advise on the best packing, the right handling, and the smart time to ship.International regulation and requirementswill also be handled for you so you can prepare.One of the safest and most affordable ways for a business to deliver goods is by shipping on pallets. Pallets are sturdy and keep valuables loaded-on and safe. Check out National Pallets for same day collection and a wealth of shipping information which can be found on their website.

Scenario 4 – a Role Model to Others

Your business looks good. Your clients leave positive feedback. Everyone loved the fruit baskets and your clients are talking on social media channels.Be the small business with aspirations fit for a king. Get your systems in place. Partner with logistic and online marketing experts and your happy customers will spread the news as you deliver the goods.