When you elect to use a banner to help deliver a message to a targeted audience, it’s imperative that you and your design team use some of the basic principles of design for your banner. Keep in mind that it will be the first visual that many people have of your company, so it’s best to follow some effective guidelines so that you can put your best foot forward in the competitive marketplace. Let’s review some of the things that you should keep in mind when purchasing a new roller banner for your business.

  • Make sure that the graphics and pictures that are used on your banner are of high quality and visually engaging. It’s always best to use a professional photographer to assist you with the visual presentation that you want to make with your banner. Keep in mind that attractive design sells your products better than something that looks just thrown together by an amateur.
  • If you want your banner to serve the purpose of a map that will guide potential clients to your company, the banner should be clear, concise, and credible. If you simply highlight the important points, clients can contact you for further information and the details of what you are offering to them.
  • In order to grab their attention quickly, ask your design team to use a bold headline that will ensure success for your investment. About 80% of your success rate comes from the initial wording that potential clients see, so make sure that you grab them with the right words to bring them to your company.
  • Use some compelling feature on your banner that will make a potential client smile; in real life a smile helps to promote a feeling of trust and goodwill, so if you can make a client smile they will seek more information to learn more about the solutions that you have for them.
  • Specialists such as rollerbannersuk.com can offer expert advice about what size and type of banner would work best for you. You’ll want to have a banner that features the how, why, and what details of your company so that customers can figure out relatively quickly what you intend to do for them.
  • Make sure that you avoid using pricing on your banner; this is not interesting and you’ll lose the attention that you could use to your advantage. Keep the details of this type of information for direct contact by phone, email, or face-to-face discussions.
  • It’s very important that you use the proper grammar on your banner; ask your design team to check this carefully so that you can present the best possible representation of your company in words visually.
  • Remember your message. You should have a specific message in mind that you want to say about your company with this method of visual presentation. If you cannot write the content that you want, ask your design team if they can handle this task for you.

By following these guidelines, your banner will add a powerful tool to your marketing strategy that is sure to drive more traffic into your company.