Best Known Tactics For Customer Retention

If you want the retain the existing customer then you need to think various strategies to convert the first time customer into repetitive customer. The number of tactics are applied to improve the marketing strategy to convert the first time customer to future clients.

Step 1 – Send Transactional Emails

It is very likely to post transaction email which is important as compared to general marketing mails. Everybody wants to check that the purchase went smoothly.

There should be ample opportunity to provide relevant information regarding order and to apply best marketing strategy. There are certain strategies to improve cross-sells, useful content, discounts, invitation to local event.

Step 2 – Deliver Rewards

Sometimes, it is necessary to wow the customers when the product is launched first time. Someone is going to open the gift and hence you need to take full advantage of the opportunity. There are various manners in which the new item will be delivered in attractive manner such as:

  • Offers – If the brand is open to give offers then you can attract your customer with discount offers such as x% off in the purchase. Remember that the offer is extremely important as there are chances of another purchase. You can track the performance of the brand through unique URL in the relevant landing page.

  • Surprise gift – Sometimes cost does not make much difference but it will make significant impact on customer.

  • Invite-only members club – It would be really good if the customer is given access rights to unique club. There are various benefits such as shipping, events and access to new product which helps to retain customer.

  • Event invitation – You can invite the customer to local event in which your customer comes and see new attractive items.

The customer would be delighted to receive something which he/she has never expected. So, a small gesture would be really helpful to improve the image of brand.

Step 3 – Surprise Campaigns

For those who choose marketing, create an campaign which slowly builds engagement of customer where customer gets delighted after initial purchase. The campaign should be well planned and act as strong incentive and attracts the customer to make second purchase.

This will be unique to your business and you’ll just have to do some analysis on your customer data to get the right date.

 Best Known Tactics For Customer Retention

Day 2 – Send attractive video which provides information related to product such as scarf.

Day 10 – You need to send email along with some outfits images which go along with product.

Day 23 – You need to send promotional email which tells about the winter jackets from new range.

Day 33 – If the customer has not bought the product with initial mail then it would be advised to send another email with mention of some discount offer if it really exists with the product.

If you don’t have ability to send personalized email to an individual then it would be necessary to focus on product category rather than individual choice. You can give general information which is relevant to the product. Amazon is extremely good to send personalize email for the products based on previous purchase.

Step 4 – Customer Centric Advertisement

A good option is have campaign focusing customer audience through face book and twitter. You can target the customer on various channel which the customer clicks and may become more interested for the product.

It is always better to not to expect too much from customer and over the top as it may annoy the customer. You need to take soft strategies to apply on customer end as the customer should not be afraid at any cost.

You can setup campaign directly from facebook and twitter. You need to upload the customer in group and remove them once the customer is retained and makes the next purchase. You may sometimes also opt for retargeting. There are links on landing page which allows the customer to again click then go for next purchase. The strategy is to target right person at right time. The above tactics can only focus the customers as they are valuable to you in the future. You need to do some analysis on customer to understand their behavior, click here to learn more.