The UK economy was one of the first in Europe to show recovery; in fact it is arguable that it was the first and consumer confidence has grown as a result. Business has found a far more positive environment as a result. It has led to a number of development projects being revived and architects throughout the country finding far more work. While London led the way for growth in property values, the shortage of housing throughout the UK has meant that new house building is increasing. Similarly, commercial building is on the increase as well.


The construction industry, which experienced a few years where consolidation was the priority, could not be happier. Architects everywhere are announcing that their services are in demand. One practice in Norwich is highlighting the fact that there is increased demand for energy efficiency in new builds of all kinds. LSI Architects of Norwich has seen the return of private investors after experiencing years where there was little other than work from the public sector. Hudson Architects, in the same city, reports more work. Both expect more building to happen in the coming months and years as the housing shortage is addressed.

There are companies that are happy to provide energy solutions for anyone seeking ideas for their homes or businesses. There is no question that there is an increased awareness of the need to look closely at new projects, whether domestic or commercial, and devise the best way to create a comfortable environment. Anyone wanting air conditioning in Norwich will be able to discuss the benefits of installing something that is common place in hot climates.

Fresh Air

One of the major benefits of air conditioning is that it can provide fresh air. Rooms are maintained at a constant temperature to suit the occupants. Air conditioning units can provide heat on a cold day and comfort on a hot one. They are ideal for installation in offices and of course in industrial processes that require temperature control.

Air conditioning is also able to improve the environment in a residence. Plenty of people enjoy natural light. As a consequence they may have plenty of windows to allow its penetration. Air conditioners can heat a room in the winter and cool it on days when strong sunlight shines through hour after hour.


Good service companies recognise the need to provide plenty of information for prospective clients to research. Increasingly that is done by using a website with queries and questions answered promptly. Every job is unique. Companies with experience and a good reputation as a result will happily quote for a job without any commitment required from the enquirer.

The future is looking promising. It is just one of the reasons why it is worth homeowners thinking about home improvements again, now that the economic climate seems to be on the up and up.