You put up your own business so you can manage your own time and be your own boss. But suddenly you are swamped with client calls, paperwork, business meetings, budgeting and payroll concerns. If you have gone from being king of the jungle to a beast of labor, maybe it’s time to analyze and systematize your business processes. Take a look at these 3 simple steps that will make you a much better business owner and grow your business faster.

  1. Documentation. There are countless process mapping techniques,HR softwareand payroll software programs you can use or keep it simple and write your processes down in numbered steps or flow charts. Identify processes that are currently being done by only one individual and prepare contingency plans in the event that the individual suddenly quits so you can ensure business continuity. At least two people should know how to perform every business procedure. Moreover, make each process well-documented so even new hires can do them well by simply following your manuals.
  2. Augmentation. Actively look for possible issues in all business procedures and improve on them. Scrutinize and check if there is duplication of efforts, bottle necks, delays and redesign your processes to minimize if not completely eliminate waste.
  3. Automation.The key to process improvement is intelligent automation. Identify processes that are being done manually and see if they can be automated. A Google search will give you enumerableHR software and payroll software solutions to tedious, time consuming administrative work. And even if a process is automated, it still needs to be documented. This way, you can easily train others and delegate tasks.

Accomplishing the three steps above will enable you to break free from repetitive, low value functions. You will easily be able to identify tasks that could be delegated to a staff or perhaps just have them outsourced. With this, your hands are free to work on revenue-producing activities, building relationships with lucrative clients and not spend all your time in the back office filing purchase orders.