Automobile Buyers Beginning To Focus On Eco Cars

As the prices of gasoline and diesel continue to rise, eco-friendly cars are becoming a more realistic solution to fuel costs while at the same time cutting back on greenhouse gases. Consumers are now turning their focus on eco cars,which not only lower the fuel consumption but also keep carbon emissions at lower levels. When you buy these cars, you will be saving your environment from the adverse effects of carbon footprints and at the same time spending less when you refill your car tank. You also reduce on road tax and get exemption from the congestion charges.

Powertrains survey by Morpace, Inc

A recent survey by Morpace, Inc on powertrains indicated that only about 29 percent of automobile shoppers were likely to consider environmental friendliness when deciding on which make or model of car they buy. However, a good number of close to 62 percent of the people interviewed noted that they would consider the most fuel-efficient car models as their top purchase consideration.

From such statistics, it would indirectly imply that automobile buyers would still consider environmentally friendly cars. For instance, a more fuel-efficient driving means that a vehicle will pollute less. When you examine the gas-guzzlers, they are not among the most environmentally friendly cars on the road. They contribute greatly to polluting the environment.

Tailpipe Emission not Only the Destructive Forces

The overall impact of a given vehicle model or make on the ecosystem is not just determined by the kind of tailpipe emissions it releases. You may have an all-electric vehicle, which releases zero emissions on tailpipes, but when you critically evaluate the environmental impact from the local power source used in generating the electricity, it may still have adverse effects on environment including the water, ground, and air.

Top Listed Eco-friendly Cars

To help consumers and automobile buyers understand more about environmentally friendly vehicles, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy released its annual survey, which showed that electric and hybrid vehicles were among the leading in list of eco cars. Among the top-rated greenest cars for 2014, the hybrid family of Toyota Prius managed to scoop itself 3 slots. Other hybrid cars listed include the Lexus CT 200h, Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, and Honda Insight.

If you want to purchase a vehicle that will save you money, you need to consider the hybrids and electric cars. You will be able to minimize the dent you put on your finances every time you head to the pump to refuel your car. At the same time, you will also reduce the amount of carbon footprint you are releasing to the environment. You can consult with primed car dealers who have a wide selection of fuel-efficient cars to begin your shopping. Try to understand how the vehicle you choose saves you money in relation to other costs such as maintenance, replacement, safety, and performance. This way, you will be able to make an informed decision on which eco cars can meet your automobile needs.

Author Bio

Charlie Brown is a motor vehicle dealer and consultant and has often written content on smart shopping for automobiles. To discover more about eco-friendly cars, you can visit Ideal Auto USA.