While there is ample information out there about what candidates are experiencing during their job search, little progress seems to have been made in remedying some of the more glaring issues and pitfalls. Turning these liabilities into assets is not complex in the least. What company’s need to ask themselves is why the candidate process may be falling apart in the first place. The answer becomes clear when companies turn back to the basics. It involves changing perspective; while it is true that technology has made the hiring process a whole lot easier to deliver a positive experience, there is still more work to be done.

Focus on the Candidate

Try to analyze potential issues the way someone in retail may do it; they may ask their customers for feedback on a regular basis, and this is exactly what recruiters need to be concerned with as well. Meeting the needs of candidates is not only greatly appreciated, but also necessary. What do candidates want to experience during the hiring process, and more importantly, what do they need?

This is an issue that needs immediate attention, since many surveyed candidates in the past have expressed that their experience is average at best, while many others report that they would never reapply to a company that delivers sub-par experiences. Companies, therefore, have been shooting themselves in the foot, making it somewhat impossible to hire quality employees. In summation, all candidates truly want is common courtesy, acknowledgement, recognition, and help with deciding if they are a good fit for your company.

In many cases, candidates receive no reply back after they have left their application. This means they may have not even gotten an automated email that explains what the next steps of the interview process will include. The standard should be that an applicant receives immediate confirmation that their files have been delivered and are being reviewed. Without thi knowledge, they may decide that a company is not reliable enough, or that it does not value the talents being offered to them.

Recruiters are under a substantial amount of pressure, and it is true that most of them are not hoping to create a negative experience for potential future employees. However, a slight change in perspective will highlight the many small instances that make large impacts on how others feel about their experience. Making a change does not have to mean adding more responsibilities to recruiters; there are many automated systems out there that allow companies to show how much they value potential star employees.

After implementing some small changes, it will become obvious that the candidate’s experience is improving when you receive more quality candidates. When people feel as if their time is valued, they will be more inclined to telling other talent about your position. In this day, word about your hiring process spreads quickly, and the reviews of your company are easy to find.

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