Learn SAS To Kick Start Your Career In Analytics

SAS which was formerly the abbreviation for Statistical Analysis System but is now only known by its acronym, has since its inception been an important tool for data analytics and data mining. Since the millennial with the big data boom, the popularity of SAS has grown in exponential proportion. Its precedence over other tools like Python, R and SQL is because it is a fourth generation programme, thereby having greater security and manoeuvrability.

SAS has been the global market leader and is used by all top technological giants but because its expensive is sometimes beyond the reach of individuals. In the Indian market too, SAS has emerged as the clear winner. With its stable GUI interface, SAS is easier to learn and has good data handling and graphical capabilities. In India, especially if you are looking to make an advent in the field of big data then SAS is the tool that you need to learn.

India has fast emerged as the leader in the field of IT, with its epicentre at Bangalore. This southern city has become the chosen destination for top corporate giants and fresh graduates and even experienced professional make a bee line for here.

Best SAS institute in Bangalore have garnered immense popularity and are much sought after. SAS skills are much in demand during job interviews and if you have a SAS certification, then the assurance of employment is much higher. Online courses are available but preference is for classroom teaching. You get to interact with industry experts and learn firsthand from then as well as have a chance to intern in live projects.  A SAS certification from any of the top institutes goes a long way.

The average salary from a SAS professional starts about 2.5-3 lacs per annum. Industry giants like IBM, Accenture, Oracle, etcetera, hire SAS workers. Even banks employee people with SAS skills, since financial computation is easier using SAS.

So if you are highly analytical person and have interest in big data programming then SAS is the way for you, get yourself certified in a SAS institute. With the demand for SAS professionals on the rise, the market is teeming with opportunities.  Recent surveys have shown a dearth of almost 450,000 trained personal by 2020.

There are a number of SAS institutes in Bangalore which have good record of placements. Join any of these places and give a kick start to your career. SAS is a tool that is here to stay and will be a mainstream programming language even in the future. With technological advancements, the data generation will only be increasing and its analysis and workings will be required, thus increasing the need for SAS skilled personnel.