Prepare Yourself With These Tips Before You Set Out For The Next Audition

During the audition, your performance is one and only chance you might have. You will have to influence the casting director, producer, and director about you being the most suitable actor for this role. If you are invited for an audition it means that you are already approved by the casting director after they go through your headshot and profile. All they now want to see is your talent, which you have boasted about in your resume.

Check your attitude

Gain confidence and strength internally to win this chance. Most of us are our own enemy. We lose hope, get nervous and make one wrong move and destroy our career. Then we have to wait for another year to get that golden chance. Changing attitude alters your entire life. Unfortunately, there is no injection for talent but that comes with self confidence and practice.

If you feel low and think others are better than you then nothing can stop you from losing. Sometimes, taking audition seriously makes you feel stressed out and that shows on your face. You need to do a lot of preparations before going for an audition. Not everyone gets another chance. However, there are many who are still struggling but unable to find their mistakes.

Golden rules for impressive auditioning

Amy Gossels casting agency is the most renowned agency in NYC. Amy Gossels have made more than 30 short films most of them were award winning. She has casted many films and continues to give the best for commercial and television projects. With her experiences in the acting industry, she has shared some vital rules to be followed before leaving for audition-

  • Eat healthy the night before your audition. You don’t want stomach cramps while you are on stage.
  • You have already decided what to wear on that special day. However, it is better to practice in that attire, just to check its flexibility.
  • Meditation before a busy morning starts is the mantra of success.
  • Do not push yourself if you are not interested for this audition.
  • Warm up your body with some mild physical exercises or yoga. That allows blood to flow through your veins properly releasing good amount of oxygen in your body and relaxing your nerves.
  • Whether it is vocal or acting audition you need to use your mouth. Relax your jaws and release stiffness from your neck with mild exercises.
  • Talking too much might tire your vocal strength and dry your throat, but little buzzing around can make you relax and free from tension.
  • All of this starts with the main thing which should have been mentioned first, you’re good night sleep. Last week, before the audition, you will need 9 to 10 hours of sleep in a day to relax your mind and body.

There should not be any scope in your life for the three letter word “TRY”. May be you lost on first but you know where you lack and you have worked hard on it. So, now is the time to prove the audition team that you are the finest actor for this role, if chosen.