What is Jailoo tourism? Where can you go hiking or to be the farmer for an hour? It is time to learn about all popular activities that differ from the usual tourism. Just choose what you like and enjoy it!

Green Tourism

The green tourism takes you back to the beginning. You have the cock for the wake-up clock. You have the cow for coffee machine. You have just fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden instead of the plastic food from the supermarket. It is not difficult to find the good place for tourism on your own. What region do you prefer? The motto of green tourists says: If you want to change the world, come back to the roots. India is the best world country for everyone who wants to go back to your roots. There are many websites where you can learn more than 16 ideas for green adventures.

moss all over

Jailoo Tourism

Jailoo means the highland. Jailoo tourists used to travel over the wild territories of our planet – mountains and Asian prairies, North America forests, Amazon jungles, African thematic parks. It is better to find the good guide from locals that takes you to the highlands. The best time for travelling is May-September.

Cinema Tourism

The cinema tourists want to be the characters of their favorite films. There is a god way. You can go to follow the Sherlock Holmes steps in Great Britain or rent the red Chevrolet and drive it over the city in the yellow glasses. You can also visit the shooting place of your favorite or cult films.

Festival Tourism

The music lovers prefer festival tourism. What does it mean? Go to Europe! This is a place where you can visit a lot of concerts at once. The most of festivals usually goes for three days. You can spend time not far from the stage in the camping. The cult musical events that you should visit are Spanish Primavera (May-June), British Glastonbury (June). Just follow the web pointer Festicket to find the festival you like.

Gastronomy Tourism

You can find the culinary courses and ethnic restaurants everywhere around. Nevertheless, it is more interesting to meet the recipes of the dishes from natives in the country that they came from. Probably, the point is in special atmosphere. For example, you can get the recipe of true Italian pizza just in Italy. So, you should go to the South of Italy to ask the restaurant owners to share their secrets. Thus, you should go to France to meet different sorts of cheese and wines. The cheese regions are Normandy and Burgundy, the motherland of Camembert. If you want to learn everything about tea, you should go to the Chinese province Fujian to try red and yellow tea.


Ecologic Tourism

The followers of this kind of tourism like to spend time in nature. As a rule, the hut in the national park is the best hotel for eco tourists. Their neighbors are wild animals. There is an International Community of Ecologic Tourists. People want to spend their time in nature and take care of it at the same time. The country for ecologic tourism is Malaysia. You may hire a car in Langkawi and choose the direction you like. The city territory is full of platforms for ecologic tours. If you want, you can get some extreme. It’s like the shark tour.


Caravans are special kinds of houses. They are comfortable to travel to be the home sitter and traveller at the same time. American settlers moved from one place to another with their furniture, household equipment and houses. There are many people in Europe and USA that are always ready to change their comfortable houses for trailers or caravans. Caravanning is good because it makes you independent from the city transport. You go where you want!

1966 Sunliner caravan

Mental Tourism

The primary goal of all mental tourists is changing their soul bit not only changing their environment. If you want to be in harmony with your soul, you should go to India or other country of soft climate. Thailand and Indonesia are also attractive to practice yoga.

Industrial Tourism

Industrial Tourism or Urban exploration is a special kind of tourism that is based on the city exploitation. Industrial tourists are diggers that learn metro, underground communications. They are also roofers that like to spend time on the roof. These are people, who like spending time inside the industrial objects. There are many kinds of industrial tourism. Thus, people, who are interested in searching the old churches, are also called tourists. Want something more radical? You can go to the desert places of our planet, such as Fukushima and others.

Dark Tourism

There are many places in the world that are called dark places. These are perfect places for dark tourism. The sense of it is travelling over the places, connected with mystic events, destroying, tragedies. The dark tourists share their emotions on the grave yards to look for something strange and black. What are the most interesting places of this kind of tourism? Google can help you! Nevertheless, it can be the French city Oradour Sur Glane, death fields in Cambodia and others. Of course, never miss your chance to visit Rimania to be the part of Dracula’s House.


Backpack Tourism

The goal of backpacking is making your trip as much profitable as you can. Of course, it is all about learning world with no money. If you are backpacker, you travel with the pack on your back and the Lonely Planet guide in hands. Backpackers prefer catching car on the way to get to the hostel for night. There are also many interesting places for couch surfing. Couch surfers are people from different countries that welcome tourists from all over the world. There is a special place for backpacking. This is a period between graduating university and starting career.

If you want, you can try any of these activities and decide which of them touches you the most.