Sports shoe shopping can be a confusing job where we often get perplexed in the complexities of the technical terms, which promise to enhance our body structure or running speed. We all have been conned by one or other brand that promised to deliver something, but never delivered any results. Or we sometimes get too blinded by their beauty to actually consider their high price and purchase them anyhow. Or we often get motivated to go on a regular healthy routine, but end losing our enthusiasm by all the bruises and cuts marks on our feet. These brands should be put in a black list, where they no longer can lure us with their beauty, false promises, and in some case their cheap price.

Which Brands You Should Never Go For While Buying Sports Shoes For Yourself

  1. Jordan: One of the most expensive shoe brand in the world, Jordan’s shoes are known for their unique design and high quality and big price. There is particularly nothing wrong with this brand but you will never wear them, so no point of buying them. They are exclusively designed, which means there is literally zero chance of you finding anyone with a similar pair. Even if you are rich enough to waste your money on Jordan, you won’t be wearing them to the field as you would want to respect and cherish its design.
  1. Bata: Yeah! We Know Bata is one of the oldest and biggest shoe brands in the country. They offer all types of shoes for both genders of every age group. They also offer a wide price range which can start from 199 for a slipper to 5000 for a pair of leather formal classics. However, the brand doesn’t have great reviews in terms of quality, especially when we talk about its sport shoes section. It is a favorite brand for every middle class family in the country, which still holds its brand name in the country. Don’t get us wrong it is a great brand if you are looking for casual shoes, but it won’t be a suitable choice for buying sports shoes.

Despite their rough quality they have sustained their market image which has helped them grow so much in the country. They offer some of the best designs for kids, women and men shoes.

  1. Addoxy: This is also another expensive brand which can really affect your pocket. So it is recommended you to invest in this, giving a thorough thought. Go for a proper market research and carefully evaluate Addoxy Shoes Price List as most online merchants’ offers better discounts than outside outlets. So don’t spend extra bucks on the same product. If you are going for this brand then keep in mind that you won’t be investing in another pair the same day.
  1. Adidas: Adidas is popular sports brand, which is popular for selling sports merchandise. If you are sports player then this is the brand for you, however if you are looking for something more along the lines of casual and subtle then it is far away from that. Most of their sport shoes are designed for sport purposes which makes their manufacturing intense and they often involve hard soles which are required in that particular sport. So it is not the best choice for you if are just willing to buy a sport shoes, for a routine run or walk. They are also really expensive which will also make you question their overall worth. You don’t want to spend on something which you can’t even use without worrying to damage them in one way or another. It is best it you steer clear from this brand as the chances are if you start playing say football wearing these shoes, chances are you might end up hurting someone really severely.
  1. Puma: Puma is a popular football shoe brand, which is also popular for their accessories and clothing line, like Nike and Adidas. It is hard to resist this brand when pretty much every other actor and sports star is either wearing or advertising their products. They are also known for their hefty price, which is not so expensive but it will lure you enough to purchase at least two pair in a single go, which is definitely not good for your pocket. They don’t hold the same brand name, value hype as Nike or Adidas which makes it a third choice and if you want to invest in an expensive brand then why not go directly for Nike rather than Puma. They also don’t offer a wide range of variety like its other two contemporaries which will make you want to think twice whether you want to select from limited options or more prominent options. They have fewer outlets in India compared to Nike and Adidas, which is another reason you will want to avoid it.

Conclusion: Here is the list of some of the brands which will make you question twice as to why you should invest in them. They are definitely one of the most popular brands, however, their expensive price and quality makes them a big ‘no’ for certain people. Some people also want to steer clear of the whole stigma which is created around the brand names of these companies. We would surely recommend you to steer clear of these brands, which is impossible because of the designs and variety they have. You can’t just resist from looking at these masterpieces, which will lure both men and women in its trap.