Your garage door is an essential part of your home.  In the first instance the right style door can improve the look of your home.  But, more importantly, it adds a valuable layer of security.  Many garages are designed to allow access into the house; or from the house to the garage.  This can be exceptionally convenient: especially in inclement weather.

Of course, this does effective present a security issue.  The internal door to the garage is not usually a high security one; therefore, if your garage door is not working correctly it may be very easy for someone to gain entry to your home.

This is why it is important to be aware of all the elements of your garage door.  This will allow you to assess any issue and decide whether to contact a respectable firm such as Smart Care Garage Doors to administer the repair or if it is possible for you to repair it yourself.

Important Elements Of Your Garage Door!

To aid with this it is best to have a good idea of the various parts:

Garage Door Opener

There are many guides regarding the garage door opener installation and these are very useful not only to illustrate the part, but also to provide you with a good understanding of how the garage door opener installation is carried out.  This will help you to perform any repair on the opener.

It is important to study your garage door opener installation so that you know which type of opener you have; it is the most important part of your system.

It is possible to have a manual opener; simply twist the handle and lift the door.  However, these can often fail due to the weight of the door and excessive use.  An electronic garage door opener installation will be easy to spot as it will have a large box at the end of a track; hanging centrally above your garage door.  The opener can be chain, screw or belt driven.

It is worth looking at your garage door opener installation to confirm which type you have; this will make it much quicker to fix.  It is worth noting that the chain drive is the loudest and cheapest option, with the belt drive being the quietest and most expensive option.


As vital as studying your garage door opener installation is looking at your garage door.  Most of them are made in sections which are joined by hinges.  This allows them to bend with the track as they get pulled upwards by the motor.

It also means that you can remove specific sections if they are damaged.  The sections slot into the track and then you can screw the hinges together; removal is the reverse of installation.


All garage doors have springs; it is these which will ensure your door is closed properly.  These will need checking regularly to ensure they are wearing easily.  However, these are difficult to replace by yourself as they are under load.


Of course, your garage door will need tracks for the panels to glide along.  There is very little that can go wrong with these; a little grease helps from time to time.  If you do hit them and damage them your door will likely not open or close!