How To Get Fireplace Construction With Your Own Requirements

A fireplace is the center of attraction for a house and a comforting factor to the owner. It has the potential to completely change the ambiance of the house and turn it into a magical one. These days many people plan to install a fireplace in their house. From outside it may look like an easy job with beautifully arranged bricks for a chimney and just a squared box to burn the woods, but there is a lot more to this comforting fireplace. Here are few things which if not taken care of or not handled in a professional way can turn this fireplace into a disastrous one for you and your family.

What should you know for a Perfect Construction of a Fireplace?

Exact information is always useful to know the construction of a fireplace. Some of the factors are very important which are as follows-

  • Everyone should know that the size of this architectural structure should be in proportion to the size of the room. According to the experts, if the size of the floor is 300 Sq. Ft then the size of the fireplace should be 30-36 inches wide for the perfect and smooth flow of heat in the house.
  • The construction must be done in such a way that it deflects heat and flames to protect the house from a fire outbreak.
  • A High temperature fire clay or firebrick should be used to line the fire pit. Experts recommended that there should be a slope from a fixed point from the level of the damper. This point is 14inches above the hearth. Along with that, this damper should be 5-8 inches upward from the side walls. Both the sides should have a slope. This works in a perfect way and the damper is used to pass off the combustion products and the deflection of the heat is towards the room at the same time. Visit diytelevision to read more information.
  • For the convenience anyone can easily use to connect braces of two boards. By doing this the bricks can be easily structured to get the appropriate slope. This form of constructing slopes is also helpful to get smooth slope in the fireplace.
  • A hot piece of wood may fall anytime, but it should be safe and so the constriction of the hearth is also important. Thus, stone or brick should be used in the construction of the hearth. It should be placed 16 inches above the floor level. To have ash pits or no is a choice that needs to be made by the owner. But, if anyone wants to have it, then it will be a good way for his fireplace to maintain as ash dumps in this pit. It is beneficial as large wood pieces can easily be prevented when floor pits are equipped with a heavy metal grate.

Hence, it is very important to know the exact fireplace construction, but nowadays people use fireplace to give an attractive look along with warmth. The latest design and architect knowledge give a nice finishing to these fireplaces. Apart from the design it is also necessary to know how to maintain this place and keep it clean. A metal box is used to line cavity and it can also be taken out easily for cleaning. The user can easily access it from the outside or the second door. Thus, a perfect construction of fireplace gives perfect warmth that the owner is looking for and it also gives a complete satisfaction to them. This project is best left to the professionals because if any of the above mentioned points are not given proper care then it might result in great damage to the house. For get more details please visit .