Bored of the same old gym routine, the same old health club? Working out in a gym can be good but it’s not the only way to get fit. You can try a lot of amazing exercises and workouts within the comfort of your home. They would not only save your time but also refrain you from losing a bigger chunk of the salary and would also put a smile on your face. So, here are some cool and fun ways to stay healthy and fit without even getting a glimpse of your old boring gym.

Simple Ways To Be A Healthier Version Of You

Keep your eating habits write

Eating healthy at proper timings would help you in achieving a good body shape and would also make you look fit, sleek and slender. Always make sure that you take breakfast in the optimum proportions as it should be the important part of your daily needs. Start your day with picking up some fruits and a glass full of milk. Alternatively, you can also incorporate some lean proteins and carbohydrates. Also, you can look for taking four to five short meals rather than taking two to three whole meals. This would not only make you feel full but also would refrain you from overeating. You can assimilate Nutrisystem in your daily routine if you want to lose weight or if you’re on a weight loss regime. The best part is you can save using Nutrisystem coupon code on all their weight loss plans.

How about the idea of creating a boot camp?

If you’re bored with the very idea of going to the gym, boot camps are the best for you. You can create your own boot camp at home or in a park. You can also bring in some of your friends or colleagues so that with the workout you can have a casual chatter as well. For the boot camp you only need a pair of sports shoes, sweatshirt, track pants and you’re ready! You can try pushups, triceps dips, sit ups and a couple of other exercises for 60-90 seconds. Repeat when you feel the need. Try to push your self a little more everytime you put your foot down for the workout.

Take up a walking tour

Walking is very beneficial in burning those extra calories. And you’re an adventurous person, take a walking tour of your city or a nearby place and learn something new. You can also grab a rented bike. This would be helpful in relieving the stress along with getting you some vitamin D.


Hiking is an extremely good way to exercise yourself. You’d also tend to feel refreshed as would also get to see new places. Grab some of your friends and feel accomplished by embracing the beauty of the mother nature.

A track workout

Running on a treadmill is too mainstream. Why not run on a jogging track? Grab a pair of good quality of sports shoes and give yourself a time limit. Race against the time and you’d find that your body is burning more calories than ever before. Don’t forget to take a sipper full of energy drink which you can sip up when you’re feeling drained.

Lukewarm water

Lukewarm water is a life savior for those who’re on a diet plan. Having a glass full of lukewarm water helps in burning fat. You can also add a teaspoon of honey and a slice of lemon to get a different flavor altogether.

As we all know that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. This is because your mind would only stay healthy if your body stays fit. Follow these quick and easy methods to always stay fit.