Are you looking for a baby crib for your newborn? Select one that offers a premium level of safety to your infants. A baby crib is one of the biggest and most important nursery items for your baby. Because your baby will spend 18 to 20 hours each day asleep, during the first few months of their life. So, it’s very important to buy a baby crib which provides your baby a comfortable and safe sleep.

Typically, some inexperienced parents consider only on color, style, price, and brand, when they choose a crib for their baby. No matter what they choose, you can consider a cocoon flair cot for your child. It has a great comfort level, certified and secure for your baby. A perfect baby cot has been modified, designed, and combined with so many different characteristics. So, it has become a daunting task to choose the right baby cot and more difficult to focus on what is truly important.

Top 3 Features To Consider When Buying A Baby Crib

Make sure that, every nap of your baby is comfortable, safe and a good nap. Because a well-relaxed baby is a happy baby. So, when you’re buying a crib for your child, you must keep a few features in mind.

1. Types of baby cots : Baby cots or cribs come in different design, types, and styles for infants that makes it very difficult to pick one.

  • Standard Baby Cots: If you are a big fan of simple and sober things, then this baby cot is the perfect choice for you. This cot is also known as fixed baby cot. The standard baby crib has four fixed sides and slats. These cribs come in different styles that perfectly gives your nursery a decent look.
  • Convertible Baby Cots: These cribs are specially designed to grow with your baby. The suspense behind its name is that these can be converted into one or more types of baby furniture. The conversion of these cribs may include, standard cribs, daybeds, toddler beds, and twin sized beds. These baby cots will help you to save money and time.

2. Quality of crib : It is an actual feature to consider when buying a baby crib. You must pick a crib that is made of excellent quality wood or metal. Wooden cribs should be painted with hard woods like ash, maple and much more. While buying, make sure that the baby cot you choose is certified. Also make certain that the paint of that crib is not fading or removing, when your baby is touching it with their teeth.

3. Safety and quality of Mattress : Safety should be your first concern when buying a baby cot. Check out the gaps between the railing grills so that your baby’s hands and clothes will not stick into it. Also, check out the smoothness of the railing.

You should buy Spring cot mattresses because they have a lot of padding to hide the springs and both sides are made up of different materials. One side of this mattress is made from a wipe-clean material and you can easily clean this type of mattress.


Hope this detailed buying guide will help you in finding the best and perfect baby cot which completely fits your nursery and provides your baby a good nap.