Keeping the interior of a restaurant looking clean and tidy is important for attracting customers. Most people do not want to eat food in a dirty restaurant or café so you will want to purchase equipment that is easy to keep clean. Here are five of the best materials to choose from when buying restaurant tools or equipment.

Oven-Proof Glass or Ceramic

If your establishment serves baked entrees or desserts, then you will want to purchase some ceramic or ovenproof glass baking dishes. Heat-proof glass measuring cups are important for the kitchen as both hot and cold liquids need to be measured when food is being prepared by cooks. In some cases, a baked dish such as a soufflé may go from the oven to the table, so you’ll want to purchase white or clear glass dishes to complement your regular dinnerware.

Stainless Steel

Although it is heavy and more expensive than other materials such as aluminium, stainless steel is durable and easy to keep clean. Stainless steel equipment such as refrigerators, ice makers, or work tables can be quickly wiped down to be kept shiny. Cookware made from stainless steel conducts heat well so skillets can get hot quickly and they will help cook food evenly. In addition, stainless steel knives can be sharpened repeatedly and keep their edge.

Cast Iron

Some restaurants may use cast iron skillets in the kitchen because of the way they conduct heat and cook steaks and other meats. While cast iron is heavy, it is very durable, so they will last for several years without needing to be replaced. However, cast iron needs to be kept seasoned so it doesn’t rust. Fortunately, this is easy to do by rubbing small amounts of salad oil or shortening in the skillets and letting them dry before being put away.


Cast aluminium is often used in kitchens because it is inexpensive and lightweight and looks nice. Although some cookware and tools are also available in sheet aluminium, it is too easily dented due to its softness so most commercial kitchens do not use it. Aluminium is also used for some equipment because of its light weight and, when used for front of house equipment, it makes a nice presentation when it is clean and shiny.


Glass dishes including plates, platters, glassware, and table accessories such as candleholders are used liberally throughout most restaurants. Glass is popular because it is inexpensive and it can be used with any colour scheme or tableware selected by the owners. While some beverages such as champagne may be served in crystal, thicker glass is utilised in most restaurants to serve drink or coffee or use for table accessories because it is more durable.

When selecting kitchen tools, bakeware, cookware, and equipment, you will want to select the best products that you can afford. These materials are commonly used in restaurants, cafes, and other commercial kitchens due to their durability and availability. Aluminium and stainless steel equipment works great for the front of house because it is easy to keep clean.